The Resurrection Story


Luke 22&23; Mark 15 and Matthew 27.

The story of the resurrection is an interesting one. It is full of illogic, but most importantly logic. It portrays the thinking of man more than the thinking of God. Come to think of it, what does it mean to say that the man who died on a Friday had been buried. But that wasn’t the position of heaven. While the whole world looked away as if nothing happened, the Spirit world gathered itself to proclaim the resurrection of the LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. That was the story of the event that we are experiencing this season. Hallelujah!

From the account of the record we have from the Bible, the story of the resurrection does not have any second part. Whereas the unbelieving world decided to bring about a story good for themselves, the believing world looked at them with some level of amazement, put simply as surprising. Yes, it would appear as surprising when one looks at the events that surrounded the development . For one thing, the Bible is so certain that the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ came to be as stipulated, particularly in the physical world as well as in spiritual. And that brings the argument to a close.

Now, consider the going story: A man was born some 33 years and half ago. He lived with dad, and from there he made some developments that baffled everyone that knew Him. He was a teacher; He was instructor; He was a physical and spiritual mentor. He was almost every thing one wanted to be. Yet He was a minor then, before emerging an adult. He showed a good understanding of the things He wanted to do. And He went about doing them, intelligently. If He didn’t grow up in Joseph’s stead, we may be put on the go over His coming to be.

At the age of five, seven and nine, Jesus taught His fellow kids how things were done; and the way things were regarded before God and man. He was not being led into or carried away by the exigency of the time. He was not carried away by the logic of the time. Indeed He was not taken to any school of learning, logic or organisation where we were told He learned these things. He was a thorough bread man who had the absolute gift of God work in Him. At the resurrection of the dead, He would be roundly acknowledged as the man in whom there was no sin.

Now consider the following, and you will be guided in your choice of Jesus as LORD and Savior. At the multitude, for instance, there were a number of people gathered there. To some, the weather was boisterous; others it was unfriendly. And to some others there were very many no go areas that made the journey unpalatable. But look at what the LORD Jesus Christ did in Mark 8. “I have compassion on the multitude, because they have been with me three days, and have nothing to eat.
“If I send them away fasting to there own houses, they will faint by the way, for divers of them came from far” Mark 8 1-3.

There is a way of identifying people, especially those who are very important to you. There is also a way of identifying those who are not too close to you, but they are important. That is exactly what Jesus did. He spoke in parables to those who just knew Him. But He spoke in interpreted language to His disciples because He had marked them out for something above the ordinary. That is why even as we share this scriptural lines, I enjoin you to , as a matter of urgency, gather yourself together, and do the needful: Bring this understanding inside you with the faith that whatever happens, I must be with Jesus.

As the LORD Jesus said, he who didn’t commit his way to the LORD, the same way have been vanquished. The result of the example I had with you is a subtle case. For instance, the game of love is loveable..and that explains why people junket about it. They don’t play the way they play other games like it … because it pays with huge gratification. But my dear friend, let me add this to the joke. If you are keenly involved, and you are told that it is either 100 per cent or nothing for that matter. Meanwhile, the alarm clock is sounding, making everyone to be on the breathe. I guess your breath is as good as my own.
As you go through it, the message is just simple. Make up your mind and determine to follow Jesus: no matter what. That is the way!

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