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beats-onit.com is the more prefered online news medium whose time had come long before now and born out of over two decades of practice and paticipatry experience in media, cutting across journalism, broadcasting as well as other related provinces.

beats-onit is dedicated to inform, educate and entertain its public with emphasis on entertainment/showbiz, while catering to the needs of those interested in news, politics, business/economy, lifestyle, sports, telecom and more.

Our desire is to possibly satisfy our public with the offering of authentic, and best processed information that is comparable and competitive according to global best practice.

beats-onit has arrived your space and is not in a hurry to quit. As long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, beats-onit is poised to follow suit.

Your best consideration will be to place advertisement of your goods and services in beats-onit and enjoy its fast and wide-growing reach which will rob off positively on your business.

beats-onit is published online by FULL TIME MEDIA LTD, Address: Suite B 29, Iyana Ejigbo Shopping Plaza, 61-65 Isolo Road, Ejigbo Lagos.
Editor-In-Chief/CEO: UZO I. Chikere. Phone: 08082477040, e:mail: uzoichikere1@gmail.com

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