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Empresshayjay, a fresh and brand new female reggae desciple is aggressively in the offing. Right from her days as a child, the has been an ardent lover of Reggae music.

She says she developed the love for it from her father whom used to always play the genre in the house she grew up in.

She recalls how much it bonded her father and herself often delving into the deep lyrics belted out by the reggae greats.

One thing that stands out for this amazonian is her presentation style and impeccable Reggae music knowledge and taste which grabs first time listeners even those not averse to the brand.

So, it only made sense that in her over 15 years of TV and Radio broadcasting career, the love for reggae music would take a prominent role in her history as a media practitioner.

It was a great delight to find out that she had hosted other types of shows on both radio and TV — from the days of African Independent Television’s (AIT) Gbedu to corporate and government themed shows on network TV and radio stations including those that push particular causes like WFM and others.

Nevertheless, she shares that the last few years have given her some clarity of purpose, to which she is now putting in the forefront, the promotion of the beautiful genre of Reggae music for all fans in Nigeria.

Her present shows, “Reggae One Drop” (which is a mix of recent and popular reggae tunes together with a segment for reggae karaoke) which goes live on air every Saturday night is followed the very next day by ‘Reggae Sunday School’ which profiles a great reggae artiste by playing popular hits from only the act giving listeners a nostalgic feeling or a new found love for the artiste and genre.

Empreshayjay credits her team of professionals who now handle her brand as well as the ever loving fans who have followed her from station to station.

Her core belief is that Reggae is forever. However one of her main goals is to do a massive Reggae festival here in Nigeria.

Her build up to that big event is several Reggae music events to which she promises something so unique and amazing for Independence day October 1st 2022. She says you should watch out.

You can listen to Empreshayjay every Saturday and Sunday from 7pm on Star 101.5FM in Lagos Nigeria.

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One Thought to “Profile: Empresshayjay Reaggae Music Amazon Comes On”

  1. Godwin Akpan

    I personally appreciate her effort so very much and again I would like to appeal to her and the rest of them that have the voice as well , to also remember to encourage the new reggae artists to the
    lime light because it’s seems like we over focused on the old reggae super stars and forgot the ready to serve new reggae artists to suffer rejection thank you.

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