NIN-SIM Link: NCC Directs Telecos To Bar Non-Compliant Subscribers


The deadline for barring individuals with more than four SIM cards whose registration data does not match their National Identity Number (NIN) data, will not be extended by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The Commission affirmed its stance on the issue as a spokesperson from the Commission emphasised that the decision aimed to streamline the SIM ownership database, preventing misuse by criminals exploiting unlinked SIM cards for illicit activities.

Stated the spokesperson: ”March 29th remains non-negotiable. We’re determined to address the issue of excessive SIM ownership with unverified NIN details.

“Instances of individuals holding thousands of lines raise serious concerns about the purpose behind such accumulations. Despite offering ample time for subscribers to rectify their records, many failed to comply”.

Consequently, all lines with unverified NINs will be barred, requiring affected individuals to visit their operators to update their details and retain their preferred lines. The Federal Government’s Max-4 Rule, limiting subscribers to four lines per operator, reinforces this effort. Additionally, the NCC has granted Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) an extension until July 31, 2024, to verify NINs for subscribers with four or fewer SIMs, while those failing verification will be barred.

To ease the process, the NCC is considering an online application solution for MNOs, allowing subscribers to update their records, particularly in cases of biometric mismatch, and register additional lines.

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