P-Square Shameful Split


Peter and Paul Okoye of P-Square

I am holding myself strongly back from commenting on this madness trying split not just brothers but twin brothers. I dare mention some journalists who followed this twin as the Benson & Hedges talent hunt raged on and Peter and Paul Okoye twin brothers were strongly in the talent hunt expedition from Lagos to Makurdi where the duo was declared winner of the talent hunt show.
I remember such crack entertainment journalists as Biodun Kupoluyi, Charles Okogene, yours sincerely, Kumbi Tuakli Lawson (formerly of MITV), Frank Chike and many more whom I can not remember presently, dutifully covering the contest as it progressed.

When it got real tough, P-Square of Peter and Paul would “fly away” behind stage to “fervently” pray together for success, and God granted the Okoye twins absolute success in Makurdi where the likes of late Steve Rodes tutored the finalists on how to ply their trade in the face of such an overwhelming success.
But what have the twins made of their success today?

What a shameful split! Appalling show of ridiculous handling of success not prepared for. Shameful split!

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