Restructuring: Afenifere Calls North Enemies Of Progress


Yinka Odunmakin

Afenifere, the Pan- Yoruba socio-political group has described as enemies of progress, the Northern leaders who are against restructuring of the Nation.
Spokesperson organization, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, who made the statement, said some powerful forces in the North do not want the North and other regions in the country to move forward.
Odumakin accused the North of always wanting to suppress others, noting that every part of the country will live in prosperity if restructuring takes place.
He told the Sun, “It’s unfortunate that the core North bluntly refused to see reasons why we need to restructure Nigeria.
“Their style is if I don’t make it, you must not make it.
“All they want is for everybody to be at a level where you can’t develop, where you can’t make progress.
“All they want is amass and control. They believe they can only prosper in inequity, that they cannot prosper under a new arrangement.
“It’s a fallacy. We need restructuring to enjoy prosperity.
“At the 2014 National Conference, we looked at the map of Nigeria. There is no part of Nigeria that will not live in prosperity and happiness if we practice true federalism.
“The mineral deposit in Niger State alone, if we practice true federalism will make that state richer than some countries.
“With restructuring, they will prosper better. The North should stop looking for what is not there. They are searching for oil in Lake Chad.
“The mineral deposits in the North will fetch them much more than oil. In the area of education, they make the system uneven.
“A child from the South is given admission with higher marks, while his counterpart from the North gains admission with lower marks in the common entrance exam.
“What is common in that entrance? It’s uncommon entrance. It’s from that narrow point of view that they look at things.
“That section of the country is not interested in the prosperity and advancement of anybody.

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