K-Cee Files Another Human Rights Suit Against Harrysong



Human rights abuses are at the centre of the fresh legal tussle in which former Five Star Label mates, Kingsley Okonkwo (KCee) and Harrison Okiri (Harrysong) are embroiled.
This came on the heels of what appeared to be a peaceful resolution of the feud between the two which was triggered by Harrysong’s exit from the label a few months back.
In an unexpected twist, Kcee filed new charges at a Lagos High Court alleging Harrysong alongside their former manager, Soso Soberekon, abused his fundamental rights.
Harrysong, who shared a copy of the legal document which bears suit no: LD/5488m/ HR/17 on his Instagram page late during the week, wrote:
“I have never seen where a lady is gang raped and beaten up mercilessly and at same time asked not to cry.
“Even though you and I know you offended me, I listened to the voice of elders and apologised to you despite all the oppression, yet my success causes you running stomach.
“And to my fans out there, please brace up for impact, since they have decided to hold us down by all means,
“We are ready to prove them wrong by all means…, lest I forget, help me ask them, what is my crime this time?”
Meanwhile, Harrysong added in a media chat:
“I was in my house before I traveled here and they said K-Cee sent court papers to me. I don’t know what I have done again. I asked him what have I done again, he did not say anything. I don’t know what this is about. I don’t know my offence.
“These guys are just saying they are upset with me. Angry with me? What have I done? I don’t know what their problem is?
“Anytime I want to do something or they see anything that is coming up that is good about me, they come to fight and to pull me down.
“So I don’t know what the problem is. People would talk to me that I should stay humble, don’t fight them back. Even when they are oppressing me, I don’t say anything.
“I am just tired. Maybe after these shows, I would now seat with my team to see what to do”.

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