Parenting: God’s Way


Genesis 18: 18-19; Proverbs 19:18; 22:6; 1 Samuel 2:12;

The command of God to man regarding child upbringing is very clear. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 6:6.

Parenting is the art of bringing up a child by a father or mother or guardian from infancy to adulthood in a family setting. Therefore, we want to look at parenting the way God intended it to be.

Scriptural parenting takes time, energy, and wisdom to carry out. This explains why several parents simply provide food, shelter, and clothing for their children, abandoning the more dificult task of training and development to the schools, churches, or even domestic staff in the house.

When a child is misbehaving, as we can see in the story of the children of Eli, the scriptural standpoint is a failure of parenting . When such failures occur , God will always extract due punishment on the parents involved. As Christians, we should always consider the case of Eli and his children to be guided on Christian Parenting . The case of Eli took several years before God decided to pass judgement on him and the children. God didn’t relent.

In 1 Samuel 1:12, the sins of the children of Eli were noted thus: ” Now the sons of Eli were the sons of Beliel. They knew not the Lord. “What happened ?. The Bible recorded that they did not follow the laid down principles in temple worship and offerings. They were lag and greedy and coveted offerings and sacrifices against the temple practice. Besides, they committed sexual sins with the women in the sanctuary, 1 Samuel 2:22

Although their father condemned these moral pervasions, his efforts were tame and weak and lacked the authority and timelines to arrest the drifting away of the children. Hear him: “And he said unto them; why do ye such things? for I hear of your evil dealings by all the people. Nay, my sons , it is not good report that I hear : ye make the Lord’s people to transgress ” 1 Samuel 2:23-24. Both Hophni and Phinehas died at the war front, and their father also died at home upon hearing of the news of the sons deaths.

The art of biblical parenting is based on the fact that biblical principles are applied. Whereas modern educators and social scientists, especially psychologists , counter the canning and the rebuking of erring children arguing that such actions would vitiate their self- worth, the Bible defers. The Bible affirms that children should be canned and rebuked when they err, but in love. ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’.

It is not necessary that the child should be canned when he is wrong in every given situation, but there is a way of establishing the reason of canning a child. This caveat is applicable because some parents are used to canning their children always, that these children have run out of the house, fallen sick or abandoned school/duty and ran away. We encourage such parents to redouble their efforts and make amends. We affirm that there is always hope and trusting God in the process. In order to properly parent your child, you need to understand that child and make them see you as a friend, a role model, and a mentor. If you, as a parent, are too hard on your children, you may lose them to the world, and if you are too lax, you may also lose them. It is only Godly wisdom that helps us create a perfect balance.

It is noteworthy that as we write, there are so many kids whose parents merely enjoyed themselves sleeping together to produce them. And that is where the commitment ends. Thereafter, the woman or man walks away, leaving the child to the woman or man. This is the way some young people take child upbringing nowadays. This is unacceptable before God as it leaves some much gap in the hearts of the children involved and the society at large.

As we close, it is necessary to remind us that the upbringing of any child demands both heavenly and earthly attention. You can not do it alone, and God can not also do your own job. It therefore requires that every effort should be made to ensure that children are brought up properly, fearing God, honouring the elders, obeying daddy and mummy, and respecting every other person accordingly. This is the way to go!

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