Nigerian Columnists Flay Journalists Arrest


The continuous and constant arrest of journalists in Nigeria is becoming a source of worry among various groups in the country. The latest to express their uneasiness and condemnation of this development, are columnists in Nigeria under the auspices of the League of Nigerian Columnists (LNC).

Observed LNC in a statement issued in Lagos by Anthony Kila, its Secretary General: “The League is very uncomfortable with the spate of arrests, detention, and even abduction of journalists in the country”.

Such development, said the LNC, “is not worthy of a democratic country and should be condemned in unequivocal terms by all”.

The statement further noted that the country, with 25 years of interrupted democracy, was old enough to be free of infantile ailing typical of a growing child.

Noted the group: “At 25 years of democracy, the LNC expects journalists to be free to report without fear or favour, and where they err, we expect those who feel wronged should follow civil and legal processes.

“It is important to remind all that a country or government that cannot guarantee the safety and freedom of the press cannot be defined as democratic, and the onus of ensuring the safety and freedom of the media is entirely on the government of the country that wants to be described as democratic”.

The LNC comprises columnists whose columns are published weekly or reasonably frequently in newspapers and magazines with a full-time editor. Members include Ray Ekpu, Dan Agbese, Dare Babarinsa, Martins Oloja, Sam Omatseye, Ikechukwu Amaechi, Reuben Abati among others.

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