Resurrection: Nigerians Enjoined To Embrace Christ


L-R: Rev. Jonathan Osin, Presbyter, Methodist Church Nigeria; Rt. Rev. Oladapo Babalola, Bishop of the Trinity Tinubu, Lagos; His Eminence, Dr. Oliver Ali Abah, Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria; Rev. Babatunde Taiwo, Secretary of Conference and Rt. Rev. Offiong Okon Inyang, Bishop of Evangelism and Discipleship, during the Easter service at the Methodist Church Tinubu, Lagos.

By Odinaka Uruakpa

To succeed in life, Nigerians have been urged to embrace Christ who possesses the key to the kingdom of victory and success, as they are also advised to have a personal relationship with God for their well being.

The charge was given by His Eminence, Dr. Oliver Ali Aba, Prelate Methodist Church, Nigeria, during the Easter day celebration at the Methodist Church Nigeria, Tinubu, Lagos.

The Prelate asked Nigerians to trust God and pray peace and success of the country and for the leaders to open themselves to the promptings of God.

Said he: “I want to strongly believe and I’m convinced that yes if all of us join hands and pray fervently unto the Lord, because He said ask and you shall be given, seek and you will find. For the nation Nigeria, all of us should join hands and seek for the peace, way to success and victory. We should pray for our leaders at various levels of life that they will be able to open themselves for Christ to lead them. When Christ begins to lead anybody, that person must be a special candidate, where others couldn’t go, he would go to that level. That’s what I have experienced so far.

“I thank God for giving us the privilege and opportunity to be alive and be here once again.
Last year we were here, and today, we are here again. It’s an act of grace upon our lives, it’s not a matter of us knowing too much, but God in action in our lives.”

He said Easter is a special day in the lives of Christians all over the world, adding that all nations are celebrating the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, because if Christ had not risen, the faith would have been in vain.

Said he: “The fact that we are here this morning to celebrate His resurrection is a mark that yes, the God we are serving is a living God. And whoever believes in this God, put him or her and their actions in Him, live longer. As long as Jesus lives, our tomorrow will be brighter.
So today, every child of God has to rejoice, we have a good master called Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world.

“The joy I have is that it is only Christianity that has its leader that died and resurrected. I don’t want to mention any religion, but you can check for yourself that no religion can be compared with Christianity.

“And so for us, if you talk about who knows the way to the Father, it’s Christians. Let other religions let there members come to our own and try our God, He will show them that yes, they have not missed the track. There is a popular saying in Nigeria, ‘Follow the one wey know road.’

“So once again, I want to sincerely thank God for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the commemoration of the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Death couldn’t withstand Him, even as much as the numbers of soldiers guarding the tomb when the action took place, all of them were put to coma. And so, I want to believe that when Jesus is at work in you, everything around you negative shall die.”

On the power of the resurrection, he said: “If you believe in Christ and claim it, I also want to tell you too that yes, every stone laid on you cannot withstand you.

“Many are troubled, especially in Nigerian society where we have a lot of unemployment on the street and young ladies at age forty and above are still looking for husband. Somebody must have nailed a stone upon their growth, but today, they should believe in the power of resurrection, this day is your day. This is a year of breakthrough, a year of victory and a year of success.

“And so, I want to congratulate all of you that are here and us inclusive for experiencing this celebration. I want to assure you that whatever teething problems you may have, believe that it is over indeed as long as you trust in Jesus.”

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