Cleric Preaches Righteousness, Honesty As Holy Spirit Mission Celebrates Golden Jubilee


Bishop Charles Ighele (7th right), flanked by some pastor and members of the Church. 5th left is his wife, Rev. Carol Ighele.

By Odinaka Uruakpa

The drums were rolled out Saturday, March 16, at the Holy Spirit Mission (HSM), aka Happy Family Church, when the members celebrated its golden jubilee anniversary in grand style.

The event which took place at the international headquarters of the church, located in Akowonjo area of Lagos State, saw members gather in their numbers, as well as friends, well-wishers and guests who came to be part of the festivity.

Quite a number of the congregants came with powerful testimonies of the faithfulness of God in the life of members of the church in the 50 years of its existence.

Bishop (Dr.) Charles Ighele, General Superintendent, Holy Spirit Mission, disclosed that the church had entered a new phase, which he said was a change of culture, a culture of righteousness, integrity and honesty.

Said he: “I went on a three-day retreat, and I asked God what do I do? And God said, ‘You need leadership by inspiration’. I have to go into how to change culture; I have already started how to change the culture of this ministry”.

Stating that people need to change their nonchalant attitude and embrace the attitude of giving their best in all they do, Ighele added that the most powerful component that could drive a man was culture.

Said he: “By the grace of God, I have seen that the most powerful component, the most powerful thing that can drive a man is culture. Therefore this church will try to build the culture of righteousness. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and other things shall be added unto you. That is the power of bringing the heavenly culture right here.

“So, we are building the culture of integrity, honesty. Integrity is more important to me than anointing, because by their fruits, we shall know them. By their behaviour, we shall know them”.

Urging members to take the message of culture change embedded in righteousness, honesty and integrity to their various homes, Bishop Ighele said that the church was set to build an old people’s homes in the United States, to care for the elderly.

Said he: “As we leave here, my message is, ‘Get the fruit of the spirit.’ That is the culture of the kingdom. We should see how we can grow, see how we can have better people in our compound. Let that behaviour show that you are a child of God. We are going to lay more emphasis on changing the culture.

“So, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Church, we are going to see more of this. Our work in the US, people that are coming in, this is the work that is attracting them, and in the US, we are going to take care of the old, the elderly, care for them, put them into a community”.

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