Akwa-Ibom Indigenes Berate Akpabio Over Repeated Outbursts, Solicit Leadership Workshop For Him


Mr. Godswill Akpabio, Senate president.

The kins men of Mr. Godswill Akpbio, Senate president, have expressed worry over what they described as his incessant unguarded outbursts, advocating a special leadership protocol workshop for him.

They have also distanced themselves from his incessant controversial misdemeanor, dismissing them as self inflicted damages uncharacteristic of Akwa Ibom people.

A frontline group from his home state, Akwa Unity Forum(AUF), stated that it was very embarrassing, the current situation where the Number Three citizen of the country had metamorphosed from a responsible nobleman, to an iconic comic figure.

The group in a statement by Chairman, Aniefiok Umoh, and Secretary, Solomon Okon, said it was particularly embarrassed by Senator Akpabio’s unwarranted remarks at the funeral of the late Dr. Herbert Wigwe where Akpabio responded wrongly to the remarks by the Rivers State Governor, Mr Simnalaye Fubara.They expressed fear that something remarkably bad must have happened to Akpabio leading to his diminishing profile.

Read the statement in part: “We are yet to come to terms that such a sober event did not matter to Senator Akpabio, but he rather saw it as an opportunity to play politics. Must he play politics with everything? Governor Fubara was not saying anything untoward”.

He was just inferring the ephemerality of life hence people should live conscious of the end. The group expressed surprise that such was enough to trigger Akpabio to begin his outburst, oblivious of the fact that one family had lost three lives, including a man that had all to have bought life for the family if it were possible.

The group wished Akpabio had humbled himself to learn a lesson or two from the event in Port Harcourt.

AGF pointed out that Senator Akpabio by that act had brought invectives to Akwa Ibom people, just as they appealed to Nigerians to know that the former Governor was on a frolic of his own, as “Akwa Ibom people are highly responsible and well behaved”.

Stressed the group: “Akpabio is on his own. Nobody sent him. It is only coincidental to have him come from our State. But don’t use his unguarded utterances to rate”.

The statement noted that already, Akpabio was owing Akwa Ibom people a strong apology over his concocted cock and bull story on the Qua River Hotel, the malicious false narrative about Mobil Producing being meant to have been sited in Oron, inciting the people against the laws of the Akwa Ibom Traditional Rulers Law and the Map Establishment law, among others.

Stated the group: “That false narrative had attracted condemnation from responsible and respectful Nigerians. Yet, Akpabio did not consider it pertinent to apologise for creating confusion and misgivings between brothers.

“Akpabio has now become a one-week-one-embarrassment Senate president. He needs urgent orientation to understand the rudiments of such exalted office as the Senate president. Although that is already putting the cart before the horse.

“This embarrassment has now reached an unacceptable level”.

Meanwhile, the group has equally hinted that even the story Akpabio told about his alleged visit to a Deputy governor in 2006 was a pure lie. They wondered where Akpabio is now manufacturing lies as his only weapon to gain undeserving public acceptance or even sympathy.

The group asked Akpabio whether as the then commissioner for lands and housing, it was his responsibility to remove governors as he cooked up in the story.

They said Akpabio should even be punished for allegedly being a witness to the abuse and molestation of a woman without exposing the action, and noted that even now is not late for Akpabio to be invited to come and testify for possible prosecution of the eventual culprit.

The statement emphasised that something urgent needed to be done to save Akpabio before he completely immersed such a revered institution like the Nigerian Senate in an ocean of destruction because of his lack of understanding of the import of the office he is holding.

Noted the statement: ”For the umpteenth time, we appeal to the Federal Government to urgently hold an orientation programme for Senator Godswill Akpabio.

“We cannot fold our hands to watch a hitherto responsible man fully degenerate to a laughing stock and object of ridicule. Let us help Akpabio from his diminishing voyage and save our nation”.

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