Simi Enters 2024 With ‘All I Want’


Simi, Nigerian singer, on Friday unleashed her first single of the year titled ‘All I Want’.

The much anticipated single was released on all streaming platforms.

‘All I Want’ is a love song that expresses sincere feelings and the desire prevent one’s heart from being broken.

Simi opens with a chorus immersed in harmonies.

The song also features a simple beat and catchy rhythm that complements the singer’s soulful vocals.

Go the lyrics: “All I want my love no go take me play away away, though I do not want too much from you, baby you better show me that you love me, just like I love you.

“Woyoyoyo he say e wan carry me go Toronto, because of me o d’oloju kokoro, burst my brain make I burst your bololo, see chemistry wey pass chemical, noo do me like Jidenna do Erica, Ife yi ga eh alaye o”.

Simi came into the limelight with her single, ‘Tiff’, in 2014.

She has since then established herself as a top singer in the Nigerian music industry.

Simi was signed to X3M Music label in 2014 but exited in May 2019 following the expiration of her contract.

She, in June 2019, launched her record label called Studio Brat.

Simi has also received several awards and recognition for her craft.

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