Muoka To Christians: Always Present Your Problems To God


Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

By Odinaka Uruakpa

Christians in Nigeria were recently advised to beware of places that have been established by the devil as supposed problem-solving centres, and bring all their troubles to the God of Chosen, who will give them lasting freedom.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement (TLCCRM), gave this charge during a two-day international crusade of the church, tagged, ‘From sorrow to joy’, held recently at the Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos.

Muoka said many people were in sorrow because of what the enemy had done in their lives, adding that those who did not know the way, and solution to their problems, died in their sorrow.

He however, assured those who came to seek solution to their problems at the programme that they would be free of all afflictions troubling them, and their sorrow should be turned to joy.

Said he: “God of Chosen shall swallow all that is troubling you just like He did for the sister who was serving idol in her village. If you happen to be in this place, you are a privileged person.

“God operates here in the Trinity, God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Ghost. We are operating under the authority of the Trinity. What matters is the authority you are operating under”.

He assured the worshippers victory over their problems as they had decided to bring it to the God of Chosen, adding that God did not make a mistake in establishing the Lord’s Chosen which is the mountain on top of mountains that all nations should flow into

Muoka urged the people to trust in God and come to the place where all their sorrows would be turned to joy, just as he said that many who did not know where to go eventually perished in their problems.

Quoting Esther 9.22, and Psalm 30, he said Esther and her people rejoiced because they trusted in God to bring them out of an unfavourable situation, and their sorrow was turned to joy. He added that the Psalmist was thankful to God because God turned his mourning into joy.

Said he: “God delivered Esther and her people, as well as others in the Bible because they trusted in Him. God who turned the captivity of the people of old to freedom is still the same God, and will deliver you from the bondage, captivity that you or your family have found yourselves in.

“God will take you from the bad situation you are in to a favourable situation. As the Psalmist waited patiently for the Lord and received freedom, you are coming out of the horrible pit of sickness and lack. And when God has lifted you out of that sorrow, nobody or anything can take you down”.

The GO assured the worshippers that everything about them would turn from sorrow to joy, and they would sing a new song. He added that they should be blessed that people would see them and ask where they went to get the change in circumstances of their life.

The event featured deliverance and testimony sessions of the miraculous and mighty works of God through the GO. Noteworthy was the story of Brother Stanley Onuoha, who recounted how he got a second chance at life after prayers were offered for him and fellow inmates in prison by a member of the Lord’s Chosen Church.

Onuoha, a cultist-turned armed robber that eventually got apprehended, jailed for some years, and was actually expecting a long jail term if not life imprisonment, but to his astonishment, got discharged and acquitted by the court of law.

He said he had been living under the bridge, preaching to whoever cared to listen, and on one of the days met a Chosen member who invited him for a programme at the church which he did not honour the first time, but decided to be there this time.

Onuoha said he was a completely changed person after God’s intervention in his life. He advised fellow youths who are engaged in nefarious activities that they would gain nothing from these as all is vanity.

There was yet another case of a woman saved from idol worshipping. She said she burnt everything that connected her to the evil, after she had an encounter with the holy God of the Chosen, who ordered her to do away with the paraphernalia of the idol.

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