DPO, Ahiazu-Mbaise Division Parleys With Real Autonomous Community Ps-G, Youth Leaders


CSP Sabo Baba, DPO Ahiazu-Mbaise (in white), poses with the Ps-G.

CSP Sabo Baba, DPO of Ahiazu-Mbaise (in white), with the youth leaders in Ahiazu LGA.

Doubts, arguments and uninformed claims concerning who are the constituted Presidents-General (Ps-G) in the Autonomous Communities within Ahiazu-Mbaise Local Governt Area, was on Wednesday put to permanent rest as CSP Sabo Baba, Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ahiazu-Mbaise Division, held a familiarisation meeting with them and the authorised youth leaders in the various Communities, in his office in Afor-Oru.

The DPO had earlier in a letter dated Tuesday, February 6, 2024, invited Mr. Vitalis O. Chikere, P-G, Odu-Na-Izuoha-Amuzi Autonomous Community to today’s meeting, during which he stressed that he personally contacted the relevant persons occupying the positions because he knows them.

CSP Baba pointed out that he did not have to consult anybody nor involve proxies to invite them because he had to rely on the approved records for the purpose.

He, in the invitation letter, asked the Ps-G to be in attendance with the authorised youth leaders in their communities.

The meeting paid strict attention to issues of security and peace in the various Autonomous Communities.

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