Senegal: Election Protests Turn Deadly


Senegalese demonstrators in Dakar, Senegal, Friday, February 9, 2024.

After protests were held across Senegal, Friday February 9, not less than two persons were on Saturday, February 10, confirmed dead.

Demonstrators were not allowed to gather, and groups were dispersed by security forces.

The victims confirmed so far, two men in their twenties, were killed in Saint-Louis and in Dakar local media reports revealed.

The victim in Saint-Louis was a student. He was killed on a school campus following demonstrations in the northern city, a statement from the public prosecutor disclosed.

Anger has mounted since President Sall last week postponed presidential polls scheduled this month.

The delay came hours before official campaigning was due to begin.

Parliament backed a delay until December and voted to keep Sall in power until his successor takes office, which is unlikely to be before early 2025.

Sall’s second term was due to end April 2.

The president said he postponed the vote because of a dispute between parliament and the Constitutional Council over aspiring candidates who were not allowed to stand.

In an interview Friday, February 9, he said he wanted to rapidly organise a national dialogue that would pave the way for a peaceful electoral process.

Opposition lawmakers have filed an appeal at the Constitutional court while presidential candidates appealed to the Supreme Court.

A new round of protests is planned for Tuesday, February 13.

Senegalese in the diaspora have also taken to the streets. In France where a large community of Senegalese lives, crowds gathered Saturday, February 10 in major cities including Paris, Bordeaux (South west) and Nice (South).

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