Timaya Vows Not To Date Nigeria Woman



Timaya, one if Nigeria’s popular music acts may be on collision course with Nigerian women. Reason? The singer has disclosed he cannot date a Nigerian woman because the relationship would be too toxic.

The self-styled Egberipapa 1 of Bayelsa, appeared as a guest on the recent episode of The Morning Rush on The Beat 99.9FM where he asserted that Nigerian women were not his spec when it comes to relationships.

Timaya shared his unfiltered perspective on love, emphasising the significance of understanding personal preferences in romantic relationships.

Stated he while highlighting the subjective nature of romantic connections: “You have to know who to love. A person may not be right for you, but they’re not wrong either, you feel me.

“I don’t have a problem with Nigerian girls or Nigerian men. If I was a Nigerian girl, I won’t date a Nigerian man. And myself right now, I can’t date a Nigerian girl”.

Responded Timaya emphatically, when asked about the nationality of the woman he is currently in love with: “Hell no.

“I can’t date a Nigerian girl because of the same foundation and upbringing. The relationship would be like police and thief, it’s too toxic. We go dey lie for each other too much, wetin happen. Even when something no dey wrong, you go dey find problem”.

Timaya further shedded light on potential challenges arising from shared cultural backgrounds

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