Yoruba Actor Tenders Apology Over Nude Campaign For Tinubu


Olaiya Igwe.

After going naked to pray for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the 2023 general elections, Yoruba actor, Olaiya Igwe, has now tendered a public apology to Nigerians.

This came in the wake of current hardship faced by Nigerians following the economic policies of President Tinubu.

Olaiya has been receiving backlash since he went unclad at the beach in 2023 to pray for Tinubu’s victory.

Speaking in a video titled “Apologies to all my fans”, and shared on his YouTube page, the actor attributed his actions to a divine revelation he claimed to have received.

Says he: “I went naked at the beach to pray for Tinubu based on revelation. I supported him as payback because he is my benefactor.

“Nigerians, please don’t be angry. You see me as one of those who brought this hardship to the country. I accept. You are raining curses on me because you felt my going to the beach influenced you to vote for him. I’m sorry.

“Had it been that things turned out good in the country since Tinubu assumed office, those insulting me would have stopped.

“Nigerians are crying. Even those in diaspora are angry with the present situation of the country. I want to talk to our father, Tinubu, that Nigerians’ expectations are not met. ‘There’s a need for you to appoint a monitoring team to ensure your appointees deliver on your plans and promises to citizens’”.

Igwe’s comment came days after a well-known Tinubu supporter and musician, K-1 The Ultimate,, expressed displeasure with the current hardship in Nigeria.

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