Glo Prime Offers More Value To Businesses


Globacom, the Digital cun telecommunications solutions provider, has unveiled a new offer, Glo Prime.

The fresh offer comes with a portfolio of call and data package aimed at aiding the growth of businesses by keeping them connected at all times and ensuring they get more value for the money they spend on the network.

The product, a Globacom statement, informed, comes in four different plans with each of them delivering immense value to the businesses and other customers. The plans include N1,500, N3,000, N5,000 and N10,000 packages.

Customer who chose Prime N1,500 pack, will get 45 minutes of calls and 4GB of data, while those who prefer the Prime N3,000 plan, will enjoy 100 minutes of calls and 12GB of data. Those who opt for Prime N5,000 pack, will get 300 minutes of calls and 25GB data while 750 minutes of calls and a whopping 60GB of data await customers who pick the N10,000 pack.

Stated Globacom: “In a highly dynamic environment, there is need for constant innovation to offer more value to our new and existing customers. The Glo Prime is, therefore, a portfolio of new plans designed to surpass similar products in the market in terms of flexibility, ease of use and value”.

The statement added that the introduction of Glo Prime reinforces the company’s position as a provider of the most competitive Voice and Data solutions for high value customers, both individuals and corporates.

The company, which marked its 20th anniversary in August, recently received two awards at the Consumer Value Awards and picked up another two at the prestigious Marketing Edge Annual Brand and Advertising Awards, lending credence to its commitment to excellent service delivery and innovative offering to subscribers.

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