Ogbuku Charges NDDC Directors To Promote Efficiency In Service Delivery


L-R: ASCON Workshop Coordinator, Dr. Haruna Abdul; Director General, ASCON, Mrs. Cecilia Gayya; Chief of Staff to the NDDC MD, Rev. Julius Oworibo; Director Health & Social Services, Dr. Patience Ndidiamaka Ezugu and Deputy Director representing Director, HR & Admin, Barr, Anele Nze-law at the Opening Ceremony of the Two-Week NDDC Induction Workshop for newly promoted Directors in Abuja.

The newly promoted directors in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) have been charged to emphasise efficiency in the discharge of their duties. Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, Managing-Director of the Commission made the call during the opening session of a two-week Capacity Building Workshop for NDDC Directors in Abuja, stating that providing quality service to the people of the Niger Delta was a collective responsibility of all the staff of the Commission.

The NDDC Boss, represented by his Chief of Staff, Rev. Julius Oworibo, said that the Strategic Management and Leadership Programme would equip the Directors to make critical decisions that would shape the course of the NDDC and the Niger Delta region.

Dr. Ogbuku noted that the task ahead was enormous, stressing that the region was faced with a myriad of challenges, including environmental degradation caused by oil exploration and exploitation; inadequate infrastructure; educational disparities and healthcare deficiencies.

Stated he: “Niger Delta region is not just a geographical entity; it is a place where dreams are born and nurtured, where cultures thrive, and where people’s lives are intertwined with the rich tapestry of our environment. It’s a region blessed with abundant natural resources, but also beset by unique challenges.

“The challenges that have plagued the Niger Delta for decades seems endless but not insurmountable. Concerted effort, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment are required to tackle the challenges. This is where your role as Directors becomes pivotal. You are at the forefront of the battle for a better Niger Delta, armed not with weapons, but with knowledge, vision, and determination.

“As you take on your new roles as Directors, you are not just assuming positions of authority; you are embracing a profound responsibility to shape the destiny of our region.

“The NDDC’s mission is to facilitate sustainable development of the Niger Delta states, and your leadership is central to achieving this goal. We cannot afford to falter or stagnate; we must rise to the occasion with wisdom, courage, and innovation”.

The NDDC boss said that leadership, especially in the context of a complex organisation like the NDDC, demanded diverse skills set and a deep understanding of the region.

Charged he: “Lead with integrity, transparency, and a deep commitment to the people of the Niger Delta. Embrace innovation and collaboration as tools for progress. Champion inclusivity and diversity in your teams, for it is through diverse perspectives that we find the best solutions.

“To lead effectively, you must have a clear vision of where we are headed and the purpose that drives us. Our vision for the Niger Delta is one of inclusive and sustainable development. It’s a vision where every child has access to quality education, where healthcare is not a luxury but a right, where our environment is protected for future generations, and where economic opportunities abound.

“Your purposes as Directors is to turn this vision into reality, step by step, decision by decision. Let your leadership be guided by the principles of empathy and compassion. Understand the daily struggles of the people you serve, and let their aspirations be your North Star.

“NDDC is not a collection of individuals working in isolation; it is a team bound by a common mission. Support one another, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences. It’s in the synergy of diverse talents that we find innovative solutions to complex problems.

“Together, we will write a new chapter of progress and prosperity for our beloved region”.

Mrs. C.U. Gayya, Director-General, Administrative Staff College of Nigeria, ASCON, thanked the NDDC for the confidence reposed in the College to collaborate with it to organise the two-weeks Human Capacity Development Course for the newly promoted Staff to the rank of Directors.

She commended the Commission for pulling resources together for the Training Session aimed at promoting competence in delivering the core mandate of the NDDC.

Gayya stated that the current economic crunch in the country was a wake-up call to look inward and begin to do things differently.

stressed she: “We must be more proactive, resourceful and committed to the ideals of innovation, creativity and resourcefulness in managing public resources”.

Earlier in his opening remarks, Mr. Patrick Ekade, NDDC Director of Human Resources and Administration, said the two-week programme was another step towards building the capacity of participants for effective delivery on the mandate of the NDDC.

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