King Wadada Drops Bombshell On Tops Digital, Declares, “Naija Is Yahoo Land!”


King Wadada

King Wadada, one of Nigeria’s most vibrant singers and performers, has just unleashed a new massive song, entitled, “Yahoo Land”.

Known for his hit song, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, in which he captures the distressing socio-political mood hovering over the Nigerian nation, Wadada in “Yahoo Land”, fearlessly addresses the contradictions, the suffering, distress and gigantic corruption in the current Nigerian environment and concludes that the more you look, the less you see.

Wadada, who has always worn dreadlocks, sings that not everybody who wears dreadlocks is a Yahoo boy and not every young man who has a laptop is a Yahoo boy.

He declares that the real Yahoo boys in Nigeria are Nigerian leaders who exploit the people and pauperise them, anouncing that Nigeria has become a Yahoo Land.

The tune which in a very short while has already begun to trend on numerous media platforms, appears to have caught the attention of many – young and old, because it expresses in song, what a lot of Nigerians are saying openly in their frustration.

Sings Wadada: “Fuel na our property and we struggle to get our property. Subsidy na Yahoo thing!

Yahoo Land” has been released on the new Top Digital label owned by Chief Tony Okoroji, former President of PMAN, who is also Chairman of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON).

Said Chief Okoroji of King Wadada: “He is a very exciting performer and a wonderful songwriter. Yahoo Land” is a bomb!”

To listen to or watch the video of the song many are singing, click the links below 👇
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