Enugu: Four Siblings Die In Building Collapse After Heavy Downpour


A building collapse left four siblings dead at Agric Quarters in the Mgbenema axis of the coal camp in Enugu state.

Uche Anya, chairman of the Enugu Capital Territory Development Agency (ECTDA),  confirmed the incident on Saturday after inspecting the site of the collapsed building.

Anya said the building collapsed around 8:00pm on Friday after a downpour, adding that the structure was approved for animal husbandry but was converted into a residential building.

Anya disclosed that the building had 44 rooms with about 200 residents, pointing out that the structure was not fit for housing.

Said he: “As soon as we got the intelligence, we rushed to the place. Four children died in the episode. It was danger waiting to happen. The construction was irresponsible.

“The place should never have been occupied by human beings. In fact, go there and see.

“Apparently, they claim that they are doing animal husbandry and poultry there but it turned out that there are 44 rooms that human beings are occupying and there must have been a population of over 200 people there.

“The fence line was totally unacceptable, nobody does that, and unfortunately, the people we lost in that tragedy are innocent children and it is very painful”.

The chairman said the agency would continue to sensitise the public on the need to live in a more conducive environment to avoid disaster.

He disclosed that the compliance unit of the agency would ensure that structures erected by landlords and contractors adhered strictly to the state’s approval plan.

Immediate quit notice was also issued to residents of the building and four other buildings close to the scene of the incident by the ECTDA.

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