Glo Again Emerges As Most Popular @ Top 50 Brands Awards


Globacom, has emerged as the Most Popular Brand in the country. This feat is achieved for the second year running by the lleading digital services provider.

The company emerged after a Top of Mind (TOM) Survey conducted by brand and marketing firm, Top 50 Brands Nigeria, as part of its comprehensive 2023 Top Brands perception assessment.

Said Mr. Taiwo Oluboyede, Chief Executive Officer of Top 50 Brands Nigeria: “The survey is a qualitative, non-financial evaluation of top corporate brands in the country done with a special purpose model, the Brand Strength Measurement (BSM Index)”.

Globacom, he said, came first in the survey in which Chief Marketing Officers and Heads of Corporate Communications of major companies across the country were the respondents and they were asked to mention10 brands that came to their mind or that they could easily recall.

Added Oluboyede: “This annual top brand evaluation provides a qualitative, non-financial assessment of the value of leading corporate brands in the country. It gauges consumers’ perceptions of brands and their impact on overall brand strength, using the Brand Strength Measurement (BSM) index—a model designed to assess a brand’s ability to deliver on its promises from the consumer’s perspective”.

Globacom which rolled out services in 2003 has consistently brought innovation and quality service delivery to its subscribers. It pioneered several innovations in the telecommunications sector with particular focus on such sectors as E-Health, Smart Cognitive Learning, Smart Energy, Industrial IoT, and Cloud Applications—offering secured and specialised IT solutions.

The company currently has over 61 million subscribers.

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