Chiwetalu Agu Claims Society Has Changed With Women Now In Control


Chiwetalu Agu

Women have snatched “control of happenings in our society”, Chiwetalu Agu, the Nollywood actor, has claimed.

The thespian spoke about the unconventional shift in the social status quo and behavior of both genders during a recent interview on the ‘WithChude’ podcast, stating that women were presently having increased self-confidence in expressing their sexual desires to men.

The 67-year-old movie actor further argued that such development had reduced the rate of sexual assaults and rape in society.

Said he: “What is the situation today? That women are now dominating. It is no longer men harassing women. Today, women took over because of the approach they are adopting. Men no longer go to brothels because the women will confront them in the streets. They will not wait for you to come and see them in the hotel. That time is gone…

“Society has changed and they are now in control and men are running. Men are dodging. Society is better now because when men were mounting pressure, they were bound to be raped.

“If you refuse those days, they will organise and rape you, but today is better that way and to me is better that way”.

Agu earlier recalled how he got a contract worth N20 million from Mike Adenuga, the billionaire businessman.

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