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Ndianabasi Alex Egwurube at work

Enter Ndianabasi Alex Egwurube. In the file production field she had made her choice, she stands tall. She is adept on the camera and in the manipulations of editing. In this close-up with My Literary Hub, Ndianabasi from Akwa Ibom State whom love took to Benue State, talks about her forray from pharmacy into movie production among other aspects of life and living.


Madam, how did you cross over from pharmacy to movie production?
My passion has always been Drama. I love acting. Even while studying pharmacy in school, I rented a hall and organised a drama show. I was also in the drama unit of the school fellowship. So after graduation, I went for training in Movie production with Mount Zion Film Ministries in Ibadan. Since then I have been producing my own movies.

What training and from where did you graduate?
I trained with Mount Zion Film Ministry in Ibadan

Who are your mentors professionally in motion picture production?
Mike Bamiloye of MZFM and Alex Kendrick (Kendrick brothers). I appreciate the depth of their movies and the spiritual balance in them. And they are very humble persons.

Have you done some collaborations and with whom?
Yes I have. I collaborated with Mr Andrew Dakum of Motive TV Africa, jos on a stage show – Monologue competition Season 3, where young talented actors came together bringing their acting skills to bear, competing for a cash prize. And also in the production of movies. Also with Segun Badejo of the Gideon’s Mission, Ibadan, in producing the Movie, “What Mama Never Said”. Along with documentaries with Arc. Ola-Adisa of the Architect’s Resourcery

How do you get the jobs you do?
Referrals from satisfied clients. Through marketing my services online or one on one.

How do you actualise your dream vocation as a mother, wife, pharmacist?
I am blessed with a very supportive husband who is always pushing me to be the best I can be. When I have to be on set, he helps me with the children. Even when production is out of town, he will make sure the children do not feel my absence much. I am a community pharmacist and my time is a bit flexible so I can plan my time to suit my passion and my career.

Have you ever worked for government or top notch organisations?
In collaboration with Motive TV Africa, we have done some Adverts for the Plateau State Government. I scripted the adverts. I have also done jobs for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, Kayhelt Pharma. I produced a documentary that was aired at their gala night, 2022.

What kind of husband do you have, who is he professionally, what support do you get from him?
My husband is a man who loves God. A caring and supportive husband. He does not settle for mediocrity and hence, always pushing the children and I to give our best. He is a Human Capacity consultant; trains people to be their best at their jobs thereby increasing productivity. I get all the support a man can give his wife from my husband and I am grateful to God for this.

What would you prescribe to students who want to study motion picture production as base subjects?
I will advice they go all out for it and give it their best shot. Movie production is rewarding and being able to turn your idea or concept into motion pictures that others will watch and buy into is awesome. It is the power of creation at our finger tips.

On the average how many hours do you put in for a commissioned job?

Well, an average of eight hours per day. However, the number of hours put in also depends on the time given by the client before submission. Because a beautiful story is rewritten, the first draft is never the final draft. Production demands time and post production demands more time.

What informs your billing- the nature of the job, the job giver or the locality?
For me, it has always been the nature of the work. What does the client want me to achieve? What will it take to achieve it? What equipment will I need to achieve it? What hands will I need to make up my crew in order to achieve the desires of the client? These among others inform my billing.

Can you also teach an aspect of film production?
Yes I can. I have students whom I have mentored, and currently mentoring others. I teach scripting and video editing.

Do you still find time to read books and how do you unwind?
I really need to work more on the reading of books. I used to read novels a lot but now most of my spare time is spent editing. I am not complaining though. How do I unwind? I sleep!

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