Vonita In Campaign For Young Artistes In Nigeria



A massive campaign for the improvement of up and coming artistes and young talents in Nigeria is in the offing. The brain behind this project is Adaeze Vonita Pearl Aku a.k.a. Vonita, a youthful, multi-talented, fast-rising performer, singer and thespian.

Speaking about her campaign for young artistes in the country, the young performer who recently came out with the very thought-provoking movie entitled “Ada Owerri“, said the plight of many young artistes in Nigeria was most pathetic and must be addressed.

Said she: “I feel everyone deserves fairness and equity in the industry. The up-coming ones struggle everyday to be seen because the industry has been monopolised and no one gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity.

“I planned on writing a protest letter on behalf of the up-coming artistes to the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) as it’s obvious that they are only keen on political issues and act lackadaisically when it comes to monitoring the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry is in a decadent state, it is being monopolised and it’s their duty to curb or put punitive measures in the media broadcasts to ensure that their is fairness and equity in the industry”.

Responded she when ssked what has been going on in her life and career: “I’m multifaceted, I started my content creation skits to make people laugh and be happy. And I planned on taking this campaign for up-coming artistes nationwide because of the struggles they are facing in the entertainment industry

Said she on the success of her epic movie ‘Ada Owerri‘, and how she feels: “It’s mind-blowing seeing your dream come true. The reviews about the movie makes me happy and fulfilled. It is result of hardwork and prayers, it is still on Youtube and it’s also displayed on Africa Magic and other movie channels.

For the future, Vonita admitted that she planned to Release a song collaboration and shooting a cinema movie.

Added she: “I don’t want to reveal all but I’ve got great plans ahead with God on my side”.

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