Our Educational System Can Be Better If We Take Responsibility – Berta Ntino


Berta Ntino

For you to write about parenting you need knowledge; for you to write for children you must be double disciplined. Berta Ntino, as a consummate communicator and educator, fascinated her readers with nuggets of wisdom about life. In this interview with ‘My Literary Hub’, she speaks about herself and other issues.


Who is Berta Ntino?
Berta Ntino is a passionate Educator. I work together with my husband with a mandate to Raise A Responsible Generation.

What do you write about?
I write about parenting, character building and values that will help children and young people grow into responsible adults/citizens. I also write stories for children.

What is the title of the book you launched today? Can you give us synopsis to delight readers?
The titles of the two books launched are: My Jewel: A Guide To Balanced Parenting and Dear Teenager.

How did you venture into writing?
It all started during my undergraduate days, some of my lecturers and people around me usually made a big deal of my little writings and that really encouraged me. Secondly, I read a lot and reading has really expanded my mind and so it makes writing come almost as a natural thing for me.

Do you have mentors – males or females?
I love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

If you were to escape to an island what six things what would you carry and why?
Book to read, pen to write with, paper to write on, a laptop or a phone, tea flask and snacks.

How can our education system be made better; is it by teaching in our mother tongue?
Our educational system can be made better when everyone, especially those in authority rise to take responsibility, do the right thing and be accountable.

Has the English language helped Nigeria or compounded our socio-cultural bent?
English language is just a language, it is a medium of communication. Therefore should not affect our traditions, beliefs and patterns.

What do you eat to check your weight?
I do not really do weight check. I just eat in moderation.

What did your training, university studies do to your life?
Well, as one who studied Theatre Arts, my university education contributed a lot to my life, it exposed me to the world of arts ; writing, music, dance, acting and media. It sharpened my skills and gave me room for decision-making.

Are you married and to whom?
I am married to Alex Ntino.

What would you say your experience has been writing this first book.
These are not actually my first books. But writing generally makes me very fulfilled. I feel very happy knowing that in some way, years after I’m gone Humanity will still feel my impact.

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