Purpose Should Consume Intention Of All Work In Art – Victor Meshak

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Victor Meshak

Mr. Victor Meshak is the new President of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Plateau State.
He is also presently the Head, Department of English at Theological College of Northern Nigeria, College of Education.
In this chat with ‘My Literary Hub’, he talks about his plans for ANA, Plateau State Chapter and the bent of his published books among other contemporary issues.


As the newly elected Chairman of ANA(Association of Nigerian Authors) Plateau State chapter what will members expect going forward?

ANA members on the Plateau should expect an invigorated ANA, focused leadership that will revive the cause of letters on the Plateau.

Plateau State shall notice the Renaissance of a ANA and a new grace of committed literati in all ramifications.

As a writer, how many titles do you have and for what segment of the reading public?

I have published eight books. My readers cut across different age groups: teenagers, youths, aged. Anyone who has attained the age of understanding can read my book.

What issues do you explore and with what effect or feedback?

I dwell much on Africa’s current thematic preoccupations such as corruption, neo colonialism, bad governance. And the feedbacks have been appealing, thus the feedbacks are my wings, my great impetus to keep my ink flowing.

Do you believe in the call for art for art sake or otherwise?
I don’t believe in that school of thought, I strongly hold the belief that purpose should consume the intention of every work of art. Thus, unless the art addresses the deep issues, appeal to conscience, challenge reasoning and confront maladies, for me, it is not art. Art for art sake should not be the bases upon which art should be appreciated. Aren’t for art sake leaves may issues unattained.

Who was your mentor in writing or amongst Nigerian creative writers old or young who has influenced you?

I don’t really have a specific Mentor or influence, however, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Was Thiong’o, Ahmed Maiwada and many more have great influence on me and my writing philosophy.

What do you admire from novelists from East or Southern Africa?

I admire novelists from both sub regions, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o is super for me, he doesn’t shy away from pointing out the issues and proffering solutions to the real issues.

How can we re-engineer the reading habits of students in Nigeria?

Let’s adopt an integrative approach to the teaching of the four language skills. Unless we attain to the four language together, we cannot promote reading culture or writing because it is impossible to teach one without the other.

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