K-cee Explains Switch From Secular To Gospel Music

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K-cee, Nigerian singer, had come into the limelight with Presh as secular music acts while performing and recording as KC Presh. Along the line, they went their separate ways.

However, K-cee who made it big dishing out pop numbers as a solo act, has switched to gospel music delivery.

His reason? To avert career stagnation. The artiste made the disclosure while speaking to HipTV about his song, ‘Uche Chukwu’, which has dominated airplay in the South-East of recent.

He said the single was him trying to model one of his songs after old records of his father which he had access to.

Said K-cee: “The switch was deliberate. I’ve been doing this for 23 years. You can’t be stagnant. Sometimes for me, I always think of how to move it around. That was one of those things I did. It clicked and worked for me somehow”.

“For those that know about my career, I started from the church.

“I grew up in a home where my father was a DJ, selling some of those old records. I’d always had that somewhere in me to revamp some of those old songs. When the idea came, I tried it.

“Some people told me it wasn’t going to work. They told me not to release the project. Others said to just try it. In the end, it worked.

“For someone like me, I’m not always in a hurry. I do whatever comes to my head. I’ve been recording in the studio all this while. I’ll be dropping an album soon before the year ends. I’m under no pressure to do anything.

“I have a lot of plans I don’t think I want to say right now but it’s still music for me.”

Kcee was formerly in the Hip Hop duo group called Kc Presh. He currently has a record deal with Five Star Music.

He is from Amaputu in Uli, Ihiala LGA in Anambra state, and is the brother of the business mogul E-money.

Kcee worked with Del B, a record producer known for producing the hit song ‘Limpopo’.

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