Napoli FC Owner Shuts Door Against African Players

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Aurelio Di Laurentiis, owner of Italian Serie A FC Napoli, has vowed never to again admit players from Africa into his team.

He made this declaration during a live-streamed event he organised, saying that nothing could persuade him to sign African players unless they (players) agreed to forgo competing in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The contentious club owner of the Italian Serie A team, regards the AFCON, which takes place every two years in January and February, as a hassle for both his club and the top European clubs as a whole.

The competition takes place in the middle of the European season, which means that clubs must be without their players for a whole month.

Napoli lost Koulibaly to Senegal, Anguissa to Cameroon, and Ounas to Algeria at the most recent AFCON, but they would not give Victor Osimhen to Nigeria.

As a result of Koulibaly’s transfer to Chelsea, Napoli now have three African players in their squad. Aurelio Di Laurentiis therefore decided that he would not recruit another African player unless they agreed not to compete in the AFCON.

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