Anyim Makes Case For Woman Vice President

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Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, a presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gave a boost the quest for more female participation in politics on Thursday when he said that the Peoples’ Democratic Party had always encouraged women’s participation in politics.

Anyim who spoke to the former members of the National Working Committee of the party (NWC), in his Abuja campaign office, narrated the progressive inclusions of women in governance under PDP, saying that a woman was made the coordinating minister of economy for the first time, minister of petroleum for the first time, aviation minister etc.

Said he while promising to up the ante for women as a president: “I will choose a woman as my vice president if I have my way”.

The proviso, however, by Anyim means though he may wish to do so as a person, the decision of who becomes his deputy may not be entirely dependent on his wishes.

Meanwhile, the former NWC of PDP led by Ambassador Kema Chikwe, which included the likes of Olisa Metu, former publicity secretary; Nze Fidelis Ozichukwu, former National Vice chairman, South-East, Chief Shuibu Oyedokun, among others met with Anyim for an interactive session in his office.

Ambassador Chikwe explained that the visit was mainly to understand what they would tell other people that makes Anyim unique and what stands him out among other aspirants.

Without really waiting for Anyim to blow his own trumpet, some members of the group who had related closely with Anyim described him as that leader Nigeria truly needs now.

Dr. Akilu Ndabawa, secretary, Femi Okunronmi committee on ground preparation for 2014 National Conference, Said Anyim had had both legislative and executive experience in government.

Stated Ndabawa: “If President Buhari, could attend Anyim’s birthday, represented by Boss Mustapha, Anyim’s immediate successor in the office of secretary to government of the federation, SGF, it means a pay back visit for excellent job done while in office. It means in the eyes of the present government, that Anyim never soiled his hands as the SGF”.

Ndabawa maintained, that his interactions with Anyim all through the National Conference which he said was solely midwifed by Anyim, showed that he is such a leader who can generate ideas that can settle issues in any crisis situation.

In response, however, Anyim recalled his unique roles both as president of the Senate and SGF as his distinguishing factors. He told the former members of the NWC that before he assumed the position of president of the Senate, the upper legislative chamber was in turmoil. Suspicion, lack of trust, cleavages to ethnic and religious leanings were prevalent in the chambers.

Anyim reminded his guests that building a consensus in a multi-ethnic nation like Nigeria was not a task everyTom, Dick and Harry could boast of. But by His grace, Anyim told the attentive audience, “I brought peace, I brought love and I brought understanding to the legislature and the nation at large as I stabilised the system”.

The legislature began to function as a family and began to reason as members of one nation, he stated, saying till date, that the solid foundation that he left behind has ensured that there’s no impeachment in the Senate since he left office.

He assured his visitors that he was coming to give leadership which its absence, he said, had been the reason for the country’s challenges, promising that the same principles that guided him in leading the Senate would as well determine his approach in governing the country as its president.

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