Living To Please God (5)

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Isaiah 1:18-19. 1 Samuel 15.
Philippians 2: 5-14.

7, Obedience and Submission.

Obedience is to do what is expected of someone. The idea of doing a given command, or order or instruction or acting at the pleasure of someone else’s.
Submission is to act in subjugation to another, perhaps, considered superior. To take orders without questioning, doing things to please your master or leader.

As believers, obedience and submission are same since both demand compliance to a given rule, or command. Although submission suggests that one considered less in rank should come under control or instruction, as in official matters, however before God all of us are equal. As a result, all of us should submit to God in all things. We will take obedience and submission to mean the same thing for the purposes of this conversation. They both mean being loyal to your leader by following his instructions and obeying them.

God loves Obedience. He wants His children to live in absolute obedience to Him. In fact, to access God’s blessings and favors , one has to be obedient to Him. To disobey is to be rebellious. And rebellion is like challenging the authority of Heaven. God punishes it very severely, very harshly . We can see it in the case of Saul , the first king of Israel. Whereas God had wanted to make him a heritage of royalty, He had to change His mind when rebellion was found in Saul on the matter of Agag in 1 Samuel 15. Disobedience also cost Adam and Eve the serenity of Eden. The consequencesr of Adam’s indiscretion has been dire for mankind. Most often our disobedience could cost our families so much damage. Think of Achan. Think of Cora and his rebellious colleagues. These families were made extinct by God.

The Bible places so much regard on obedience that no blessing of God can be accessed without obedience. In Deutronomy 28, all the blessings mentioned there for God’s people are predicated upon fulfilment of certain conditions by God’s people. Going through that passage from verses 1-14, God demanded obedience from His children before blessing them. Indeed, God cannot make you head when you are stubborn to His word, nor will He make you to dwell safe and secure in the land when you are irreverent to His name. Also, all the curses placed on the sons of beliel is as a result of disobedience. Disobedience breeds death and destruction. We must not toil with the evil of disobedience in our walk with God.

The book of Isaiah 1:19 says it all. It’s only when a man is willing and Obedient shall he be made to eat the good of the land.
As a child of God, how obedient are you?
The miracle of water becoming wine at the marriage in Cana was made possible because they obeyed Jesus in every instruction He gave them. John 2:1-11.
Obedience positions you for greater access to God’s favor. The Bible tells us in Philippians 2 :5-14 , that God exalted Jesus , and gave Him a name far above all other names, hence by His name all knees bow and all tongues confess that He is the LORD.
God loves Obedience. For the believer to live to please God, such a believer MUST learn obedience as Jesus also learned. When Jesus obeyed to be baptized, His heaven became opened. He was anointed beyond measure with the Holy Ghost and power. And He went about doing good, healing the sick and setting them free that were oppressed by the devil. Acts 10 :38.
When the Apostles obeyed to tarry in Jerusalem for the descent of the Holy Ghost, they were rewarded with great grace to pursue the mandate of taking the gospel to the world . Peter said, we will rather obey God than man.
Who do you obey?

The point must be noted too that obedience and submission should govern our marriage relationship as believers. The same should equally govern our relationship with His church. As it is , many believers today do not submit to the authority of their church Leadership. God is the owner of His church, and will not spare anybody who violates its authority.
God is the one who puts all leadership in place. Therefore, it would be absurd on the part of God to accept anyone who doesn’t obey those in the authority of His church. The Bible also commands us, as believers to obey temporal or secular leaders as long as their rules do not conflict with the word of God.

Today, many believers are passing through challenging times because they are living in disobedience and in total disregard of the GOD, who will bless them. It doesn’t happen that way. God wants you to obey His word, obey your parents, submit to church authority and to live in line with Biblical standards and principles.
When you dispute the word of God, do you still obey God?
When the power of God is no longer adequate for you, do you still obey God?
When you challenge the authority of your local church leadership, do you still obey God?.
For the believer to live to please God , our obedience must be total. Partial obedience cost Saul the kingship of Israel. What aspect of disobedience are you romancing? God is no respecter of persons. Be vigilant and watch. God bless.
(To be continued).

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