Seun To Acts: No Matter How Much You Steal Fela’s lyrics You Won’t Surpass Him

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Seun Kuti

There is a warning for artistes in the habit of copying late Fela Kuti’s lyrics.

Handing down the warning is the Afobeat legend of blessed memory’s son, Seun Kuti, who in a post on his Instagram page, warned that no matter how many of Fela’s lyrics musicians stole, they could never be greater than him.

The singer warned that any comparison with his father(Fela) was null and void.

Read his post: “You can’t be greater than that which you take from or steal from!

“Until Fela comes back from the dead and steals some of your favorites’ music, uses their lyrics the way they steal his lyrics and music, your comparison is null and void. Baba ni dads nje”.

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