CIG Ownership Tussle: Trademarks Registry Letter Exposes Pretty Okafor

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Pretty Okafor and Felix Duke

Due to Pretty Okafor’s continuous claim of ownership of the Creative Industry Goup (CIG) and it’s trademark, Felix Duke, musician and president of the group, has declared that anybody making such claim is wallowing in delusion and falsehood.

Pretty Okafor, the self-styled President of the Performing Musician Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) and Felix Duke have been in a battle over the ownership of CIG, an umbrella body that caters for every creative mind in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Duke had earlier noted in a disclaimer that Okafor, “has flagrantly and without caution, paraded himself as the founder and owner of the Creative Industry Group”, demanding that Okafor stopped such action.

Read the disclaimer in part: “Due to the continuous violation of the law and misrepresentation of facts, we have found it necessary to set the record straight. The Creative Industry Group is a registered organisation that also has its trademark name registered at the Ministry of Trade and Investment. This was done under the astute leadership of Mr Felix Duke Osagie and has since been under his well guided leadership.

“Recently, it has come to our knowledge that Mr Pretty Okafor has been parading himself and fabricating lies on social media and media that he is the founder and leader of the Creative Industry Group by passing off intellectual properties, unlawful conversion and infringement on trademark, which are false and misleading to the government and public at large”.

Duke made it clear that he was the founder of the group and that Okafor was not a member of the CIG.

Countered Pretty: “Before you do a trademark, you need to document and do a patent to the idea plus the name, and that was done in 2016. At what point did Felix own it? We created this thing since 2016 and it is what we went to the floor of the National Assembly with; when PMAN went to the floor of the National Assembly to present a bill. That was the same name we used, PMAN and the Creative Industry Group.

Felix Duke, in a recent development, has presented to the press, a letter from the Federal Ministry of industry, Trade and Investment which has in the main, nolified Pretty Okafor’s documents in respect of his ownership claims.

According to the document, the Registry had clarified all available records concerning the trade mark, “Creative Industry Group and Device”, stating further that it was in the name of Felix Duke Entertainment.

The registration, the document further offered, is still valid and subsisting in the Register of Trademarks Nigeria.

The letter dated July 24, 2021, and signed by U. A. Idris for Registrar of Trademarks, also stated that “one Grand Creative Solutions Nig LTD, filed an application for registration of the same name, Creative Industry Group and logo with application number NG/N/2020/000674 in Class 41, dated 19th March, 2020.

“This application has however been put on hold for not meeting the ‘formality requirement’ hence could not even be acknowledged yet for it to proceed for formal examination leading to it’s acceptance or refusal by the Trademarks Registry”.

The letter:

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