Actress To Pastors: Whatever You Buy From My Tithe Belongs To Both Of Us

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Amanda Ebeye

Nigerian pastors were on Friday told to stop using God to deceive people.

Amanda Ebeye, a Nollywood Thespian gave the charge in a post via her Instagram story, stating that pastors should be accountable to members who pay tithes and offerings to them.

She further noted that pastors had to start explaining to their members when they buy certain things, especially luxury possessions, like cars and private jets, else the possession should be co-owned by the pastors and the members.

She asked men of God to stop deceiving members by claiming the money is for God because He doesn’t come down to spend the money with them.

Wrote Ebeye: “As long as you’re my pastor and I pay you tithe, offering, you are accountable to me. Don’t tell me the money is for God because God doesn’t come down to spend the money.

“You buy a Ferrari, you tell me why or else it becomes our own. You buy a private jet, you tell me why or it is for both of us.Don’t use God to deceive people. God sent you to provide service to his people not to enrich your pockets”.

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