Uwezuoke Urges Nigerians To Turn From Evil Ways

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From left: His Lordship, Bishop Nkereuwem Imoowo, Bishop of Ondo State; His Lordship, Bishop Sonle Karikpo, Bishop of Ogun State;
His Lordship, Bishop Kofoworola Ajao, Bishop of Oyo State; His Lordship, Bishop Oluwatope Babade, Bishop of Ekiti State, and His Lordship, Bishop Jude Uwaezuoke, the Bishop of Lagos State

By Odinaka Uruakpa

The Supervisory Bishop of Lagos State, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Jude Uwaezuoke has called on Nigerians, and indeed, the entire world, to retrace their steps, and turn from their evil ways, and reconcile with God, who is the only one that can make things right for the human race.

Uwaezuoke gave the charge during the 2021 Solemn Conference and Lagos State/Western States Bishops’ Forum, tagged, “Re-dedicating Bishops as vessels of honour for greater services”, held at the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star Cathedral, Surulere, Lagos.

Speaking on the significance of the conference, the Bishop asked clerics to ensure that the welfare of the church members was paramount in their mission.

Said he: “We are here today, to look at our well being, look at our welfare, and also look at the way we are caring for the sheep, which the father has given to us.

“As Bishops, we are shepherds that are to oversee the flock, which the Lord has given to us. We should recognise the presence of God, and ensure that the welfare of the church members is paramount in our mission. The welfare of the members should be the best of church mission”.

Said Bishop Uwaezuoke while condemning the act where the congregation is saddled with the responsibility of providing for their pastors: “In some places, the flock is the one feeding the bishop, but here, it’s a different ball game. Our bishops are vested with the responsibility of feeding the Sheep of the Lord”.

He also pointed out that the big difference in the clerics and others is that they are bishops in the new kingdom of God, adding that this is manifested in their behaviour, which makes them distinct in a way.

Said he on the Christian Life: “Today, if you look at Christians, if you look at the leaders of congregations, you will ask yourself, ‘are these really Christians?’ Christians are supposed to be practitioners of the ways, and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Our Lord Jesus urges us to show our enemies love and compassion, but we see people praying that their enemies should die, you ask yourself, ‘Where are these people getting their scripture? These people who claim to be Christians, they are actually enemies of Christ. If you do not follow the teachings and tenets of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are not his disciple, you are not his follower, you are not his sheep”.

While quoting the book of Amos 3: 7, which states that the most high will reveal all that will happen to his servants, the Bishop disclosed that the hardship that is affecting the entire humanity today is in fulfillment of the scripture.

Remarked he: “First of all, we must know that the Bible is the book of the covenant of God with man that contains God’s master plan for humanity. To that extent, all the things that have happened in the past, things that are happening currently, and the things that will happen in the future are all written in the scriptures. The brotherhood sees the hardship, which is a worldwide phenomenon, as a fulfillment of the scripture because if the scripture is not fulfilled, then our Lord Jesus will be a liar”.

On the agitations of secession in the country, he said: “Our supreme father declared that Nigeria is God’s own country, that God created Nigeria for the purpose of magnifying his glory in the land of the living. So, nothing can separate Nigeria. No amount of secession agitation can separate Nigeria. All agitators for secession are doomed. Equally, those who want to dominate others in the country are doomed too. They will never succeed. Nigeria will become a great country; in fact, the greatest country on planet earth, but it will be according to the time and will of God.”

On the call for the president Muhammadu Buhari’s resignation, he said: “ Our father, many years ago, told us his children of the Brotherhood of the Star and Cross that we should not even engage in strike as a worker. That if you are working in a place and you feel that you are not treated well in such place, you resign. And he said so, in view of the scripture, which says, ‘let every soul be subject to higher authority. It is a very important injunction of the Brotherhood of the Star and Cross that all the citizens of every country submit to their rulers, whether good or bad. God will surely judge all leaders according to their deeds. “

On effects of insecurity in the country, he said that security, and welfare of citizens are tied to adherence to God’s words and scripture.

Observed he: “God will surely deliver us from the effects of insecurity, and other problems confronting the nation, if we adhere to the scripture and God’s words”.

The college is one of the many arms of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, with over 1400 Bishops and 112 Archbishops spread all over the world. The headquarters is located in Calabar, Cross-River State.

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