Actor Grieves That His Face Scares People, Asks Why

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Ugezu. J. Ugezu

Ugezu. J. Ugezu, Nollywood Actor cum director, is not at ease presently as he is disturbed that people are scared of his face.

In his lament expressed in a new post on his Instagram post, Ugezu stated that a lot of movie lovers fear his face, soliciting the opinion of his fans on why most of them feel uncomfortable whenever they sight his face.

He further added that people say he has a mean look which ultimately makes him responsive in one breath and this is something he can’t grasp.

Read his IG post: “Just wondering why many people are said to be scared of my face. No be this face????? Nothing serious…. all na montage”.

Expectedly, his post attracted varied responses from his fans, some of whom came up with alternative reasons.

Below are few reactions:

“It’s more of the corner eye you give But I got to understand that is how you learn and understand people (without engaging them in a conversation) before letting them close to you and some times you are just busy plotting a scene mIs serious jor , let someone not even irritate you it will become multiple montage in seconds Ayaka global But know it guys he is selfless once u can pass that face . Na just the face”.

Wrote @emzzy_vibe: “People are always scared of the faces that speak truth”.

Responded @ritasexy_rk: “Lol, i used to take the face very serious before But when i worked with you last year i realize you a the most simple & nice director ever. I can’t wait to work with you again sir”.

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