Stop Threats As They Won’t Solve Insecurity In Nigeria, Yemi Alade Cautions Buhari

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Yemi Alade

President Muhammadu Buhari’s use of threatening words in dealing with the insecurity situation in the country has attracted the ire of Nigerian female singer, Yemi Alade. 

The president had triggered nationwide outrage on Tuesday night after he threatened to treat Nigerians “misbehaving” in “the language they understand”.

In the now-deleted tweet, Buhari had vowed to deal with those “bent on destroying” Nigeria through “insurrection.”

Tweeted Buhari: “Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand”.

The tweet had drawn widespread condemnation, with many Nigerians faulting the president’s approach in addressing the worsening situation of things.

Adding her voice to the public disapproval of the tweet on recently, Alade said the president’s use of threats would only increase the tension in the polity.

In a post on her Twitter page, the ‘Empress’ crooner said the president should have given the people hope, noting that the citizens were at a point when they needed to feel protected.

Stated Alade: “Tweeting this at a time when feeling your people’s pain and loss. At a time when your people need to feel protected! Making your people feel hopeless – is the most heartbreaking move yet.

“Ah! Your administration is made up of people. People that feel neglected, unsafe, hungry and. hopeless. Maybe a part of them feels you will tactically end the unrest in the nation but this tweet that focuses on administration instead of actual citizens is an error, capital fail”.

The ‘Dancina’ singer also advised those who experienced the civil war to go for therapy sessions to get over the traumatic memories, adding that what the country needed to address insecurity was clear-cut tactics and informed ideas.

Wrote she: “I think all parents and soldiers that experienced the civil war need therapy! Everything is not a fight! Everything na threat instead of tactical and knowledgeable advices”.

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