Nigerian Leaders Insensitivity To Citizens’ Insecurity, Fumes Nollywood Thespian

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Kemi Lala Akindoju

Recently, a couple of Nigerian entertainers have been berating the country’s leaders for failing to provide quality leadership that should propel the nation in a possitive direction.

Nollywood actress, Kemi Lala Akindoju, has added her voice to the matter by stating how disturbing it was that elected leaders pretended as if all was well, despite the widespread insecurity and killing of citizens.

Akindoju took to her Twitter account on Tuesday saying that the worsening situation of things in the country was because of a lack of empathy by leaders, adding that it was unfortunate that incessant killings were gradually becoming a norm in the country, further stating that despite the attendant outrage from the public, nothing had changed.

Wrote she: “Do the lives of Nigerians not matter to our leaders??? What’s more troubling is how our leaders carry on as though all is well. Like they continue attending events and giving speeches like everything is rosy in this country.

“Things happen, people get killed, people are kidnapped, people are harassed, there’s an uproar and our leaders act like nothing happened.

“The thing actually confuses me. The last time Mr Macaroni and other peaceful protesters were beaten and harassed like criminals-after we shouted here- did anything happen??? Did the governor of the state address it?

“Insecurity is on the rise, nobody is safe, killings are now normal around the country and we all live in fear. Yet, our leaders just look away. Not even an attempt to show empathy for the people that put them there”.

According to her, the failure of the leaders to do their jobs continued to stifle efforts toward meaningful development in the country.

Stated Akindoju: “One second, we believe that we can actually work together and build the Nigeria of our dreams. The next second our leaders remind us that we are just a joke to them,” she added. “It is why we outsource common sense to prayer in Nigeria. God has given us all we need yet…… on June 12, these same leaders will celebrate democracy day and start giving speeches”.


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