Emmanuella Goes International In ‘Survive or Die’

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Survive Or Die’, an Australian action movie, has provided opportunity for Emmanuella Samuel, Nigerian comedienne, to make her international film debut. She is featuring in the movie project as a guest star alongside its major cast which include Hawa Barnes, Felino Dolloso and Craig Bourke.

The film follows the story of Shade, a 16-year-old refugee, whose escape from her war-torn African country lands her in a remote, uninhabited part of Australia and her attendant battle for survival.

Daniel Okoduwa, the film director, said the project aims to further amplify the plight of refugees risking their lives in search of better opportunities in the face of harsh realities.

Said Okoduwa: “Refugees are crossing borders making many governments nervous, unbalancing internal politics and giving rise to nationalism, racism and xenophobia. As the world becomes more dangerous, doors are shut and walls come up. This movie is based on real-life stories and events”.

Shot in 2018, the movie had a two-year festival tour before its eventual release on Amazon Prime as well as YouTube in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

In an Instagram post, Okoduwa, Nigerian-Australian movie producer, attributed the movie’s success to the inclusion of Emmanuella.

Wrote he: “1 million views in just a week!!!. The inclusion of Emmanuella Samuel in this movie may be the driving force behind these high views in just a few days, (based on the comments).

“All the actors and crew also did exceptionally well, proud of you all. 1 million views is not an easy feat; thanks to everyone watching and supporting from across the world”.

The feat further stretches what has been an impressive career for the comedienne.

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