JTMM, New Cross-Border E-Commerce Venture Takes Africa By Storm

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A brand new e-commerce revolution for Africa was inaugurated in January. Code-named JTMM (Just to Make More), it is the brain child of Chinese billionaire and philanthropist who has been nicknamed “The Best Boss in the World”, Mr. Li Jinyuan.

The launch which was conducted virtually, precisely took place on January 28, 2021, coming on the heels of launching JTMM in China, Europe and Eurasia in 2020.

The occasion was watched live on Zoom by thousands of e-commerce experts and enthusiasts alike, social media influencers, top-notch network marketers and online business gurus who connected from various African countries for the simultaneous broadcast.

In an interview with one of JTMM’s frontline promoters in Nigeria, Mr. N. Mark Igbani, www.Beats-On-It.com, gathered that a couple of e-commerce specialists like him were however invited to JTMM Africa headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos to participate in an in-person launch ceremony at the same time that it was taking place at other locations in Ghana and Kenya.

Explaining JTMM’s projected impact on Africa’s business landscape, Mr. Igbani said that in JTMM, individuals could use social media to earn small to large amounts of money.

Said Igbani: “With JTMM, individuals can now tap into their social media connections and earn a little more money or serious money by promoting a simple business concept to Africa’s market of 1.2 Billion people.

“That’s why JTMM is described as a cross-border, membership e-commerce platform. The real power of JTMM is in quickly creating real Millionaires wherever it is launched”.

In practical terms, Igbani further explained, anyone with a smartphone or a laptop anywhere in Africa can simply sign up a free online account at https://h5.jtmm.ng/regist?invitationCode=07969664 and immediately open their own personal online stores. Once there, they can order high quality, everyday-use items directly from global manufacturers at low prices.

However, he stated, unlike other e-commerce stores, the more store owners order from their own stores, the more discounts and higher resale values they enjoy, adding that this is the consumption-creates-wealth concept in JTMM.

Stated he: “And that’s the smaller half of the story. The bigger half is that when store owners invite their social media friends, acquaintances and strangers to also open their own online stores and order items for personal use, JTMM puts profit share in the bank account of the inviter. Naturally then, those who invite more will be rewarded more. That’s JTMM’s share-more-earn-more phenomenon”.

“Interestingly, that’s what many online shoppers have been wishing should happen so that they can enjoy some cash-back from the many friends they’ve been referring to purchase stuff from different online shops. Now, JTMM is making their dreams to come true”.

Explaining the phased rollout plan for JTMM in Africa, Mr. Igbani, who also described himself as a social media influencer, clarified that while preparing to connect more countries, JTMM is currently open to shoppers in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, adding that anyone in these countries is free to invite friends across all of them, create a large group, quickly attain higher levels of group performance and enjoy bigger earnings.

To sign up free account JTMM account, click here: https://h5.jtmm.ng/regist?invitationCode=07969664

Probing further, Beats-On-It wanted to know if there are specific groups of online business people who stand to make money quickly from JTMM. Mr. Igbani said the company has its eyes on…
▪️e-commerce business leaders;
▪️ mini-importation and drop-shipping practitioners;
▪️network marketing leaders;
▪️people with large social media following;
▪️previously big salary earners who were hard-hit by the harsh economic outcomes of Covid-19 and are eager to return to big incomes;
▪️youths with good smartphones/laptops and the ambition to make serious money in a legitimate online business;
▪️people with unstable and/or low-paying jobs who want to have a second income source;
▪️online shopaholics who have online shopaholic friends;

He therefore invited people in the above categories, or anyone for that matter, to quickly lock in their positions in JTMM, especially in the months of February, March and April when they can enjoy mouth-watering promotional offers reserved for early birds who will form the foundation of JTMM Africa and benefit from the stupendous growth that is sure to happen, like it did in other global markets where JTMM was launched.

Anyone wishing to do so should simply click on: https://h5.jtmm.ng/regist?invitationCode=07969664 or contact Mr. Igbani via whatsapp on +2348029208250.

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