Trinity Order Reason For Unanswered Prayers – Sign Fireman

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Pastor Sign Fireman

The reasons many promises of God are unfulfilled were On Monday revealed by Pastor Sign Fireman. Speaking to some select newsmen in Lagos, Sign Fireman stated that wrong perception of the trinity order was mainly why a lot of requests of Christians the world over get hardly fulfilled.

Narrating how the occurrence of such unfulfilled promises worried him, and his subsequent withdrawal from pastoring his church for years, to seek knowledge from God, Fireman revealed that Jesus Christ appeared to him on September 2014 in faraway Louisiana, United States of America and made “explosive” revelation to him on the matter and its relation to the trinity.

His encounter with Christ which he described as a continuous feature, led him to a better understanding of the trinity and resulting in a series of books through which he espouses the true knowledge of the subject, “The Final Move Of God: The Mistery For Unlocking The Greatest Move Of God Finally Revealed – After Ages”.

According to him, a lot of people go for crusade but many go back the way they came with many prayers unanswered.

Sign Fireman who spoke extensively on his book addressed the trinity doctrine, stressing that God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit are neither omnipotent, omniscient nor omnipresent

This encounter according to him, gave birth to his book, “The Final Move of God: The Mystery for unlocking the greatest move of God finally revealed – After Ages”. It is a beautiful book that comes out in seven volumes, with over 400 pages per volume.

Said he: “One Sunday morning while I was waiting in my hotel, Jesus appeared to me and said to me. You have been seeking answers that I have come to present to you. I saw him multiple times and he said to me this will bring about the final move of God”.

Sign Fireman who is known as a miracle worker both in Lagos and places where he has held his crusades said he had withdrawn from pastoring the church with more emphasis on crusade, adding that though, his thoughts in the books might be controversial, that did not mean they were unscriptural.

He revealed that the challenges confronting Christendom were related to trinity order and that contrary to beliefs, God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit are not one.

Said Fireman: “The three members of the God head don’t have the same attributes, they are not omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient”, pointing out that each member of the God head supplies to the group unique and indispensable qualities, hence prayers cannot be answered by one person but by the three.

He said most people in the Christendom approach the three God head carelessly due to lack of knowledge.

Noted he: “If we want results by precision, we must take our time to find out the exact member of the three God head with ability to supply that need , then we approach that one and we get result”.

He noted that the three might be equal being God but in assignment they are different

He said his interest is not to grow his church but to grow the Kingdom of God. This he said explains the reasons he invites pastors from all walks of life during his crusades.

Explained he: “We win souls and hand them over to pastors to take over and keep them in the church. At this hour, I am out of pastoring”.

Stressing that he had no plans of returning to pastoring which he said limited his work of ministering to the body of Christ to the world, the cleric said churches in Christendom grew by transfer of members and not by conversion, adding that with his crusades, he saw a lot of people converting; that his ministry reignited growth in the kingdom by conversion and not by transfer.

He urged leaders of the churches in Christendom to come to terms with the new revelation by upgrading to be able to do more.

His crusades, he informed had seen so many miracles with the blind able to see, the deaf able to hear and the dumb able to speak with far reaching testimonies.

Firman admitted that there mightbfake miracles, maintained that real miracles had brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles and cousins who are able to testify to the truthfulness of the miracle.

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