Love In Every Colour

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May the Almighty be praised. I am an unbelievably lucky guy and I thank the Almighty for the incredible protection He has given me in many trying circumstances and under conditions that would have broken many men. I have just been through such a situation. The fact that I am serving Saturday Breakfast this morning means that the Almighty has done it again!

Two and half weeks ago, the unexpected happened. In an instant, my engine knocked and my system collapsed and the end looked very-very close. The son of man was in that state between life and death. For a guy who does not go to church as often as he should, that I am alive is in every way a miracle!

Believe me, I have repeatedly seen the treachery and betrayal of men and how people rationalize their duplicity and all the nonsense they do. But in the last two weeks, I saw love in every colour and sweetness in the heart of men. I had no idea I had such goodwill.

From everywhere across the world, my family fought for me. They did not want me to die, not now. In an instant, telephone calls were flying across the world and every possible medical arrangement was being made.

I did not get to use many of the arrangements made because God made his own arrangements. Many thanks to my beautiful niece, Dr. Adanna Akujuo who from Pennsylvania called every doctor she knows in Nigeria to provide immediate and first-rate medical care to stabilize her uncle. Babe, my love for you will never-never die. From Dallas, my boy, TJ, and his sweetheart, Andrea, a sharp medical expert herself, were on the phone making various arrangements for immediate evacuation to an excellent hospital in the US.

How do I thank my big sister whom I fondly call ‘Miss’? By the way, ‘Miss’ is the mother of Dr. Adanna Akujuo and the undisputed rock of my family. She took charge from Queens New York. My brother Iyke who I do not joke with was making things happen from Baltimore and so was my sister Nkechi in Westchester, New York. One afternoon with my brother, Victor changed my perspective. From giving up on life, I wanted to live again and I saw many reasons why I should not die. I saw the many people who depend on me one way or another and I begged God to let me live. My job is not quite done.

Believe me, I saw love in every colour. From Bernice Eriemeghe, Vincent Adawaisi and each member of the great team at COSON, I saw love from my team at TOPS particularly from the ‘Benin Girl’ I call Deebee who wants to single handedly fight whatever is ailing me. Ijay has been my special masseur, My guy, Abey has been everywhere making sure there is no vacuum of any type. Thank you, King James, thank you Peedee.

Most times, it takes a tremor to reveal the true beauty in the world. In the last two weeks, the true beauty of my daughters, Alex and Booboo have been revealed to me. They have done everything any father can ever expect of his children. They have abandoned everything to keep me alive. Motivated and supported by her mum who is away, Booboo has made every delicacy imaginable to keep me titillated. At home, my nephew that I call ‘Mr. Cash” who by the way has no money but has a lot of muscles has stood by the door constantly daring the strange ailment to come in.

It is not yet completely over. I am learning to stand straight again and walk like a gentleman without a walking stick. I am learning to speak coherently again and with intelligence. I am even learning to write again and use the laptop properly. Baby steps… gently… one at a time.

I have seen love in every colour. I have seen love from Nurse Peace who got married while I was down and l could not attend her wedding to her love, Johnbosco. In the hospital, I saw love from Okpokpo, the matron and from Anu, the nurse who always hung by my bedside. I saw love from Fatima and Beauty, the beautiful nurses.

The good Lord makes things possible. He is the one who brings love. He brought love to me through a gentleman, Dr. Moses Jatto who with his wife, Josephine have cared for me and mended me like a baby. Thank you, doctor.

Truly, I have seen love in every colour and I wish that as you go through life, you experience love like I have experienced.

See you next week.

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