Draw Closer To God, Muoka Urges Nigerians

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L-R: Special Assistant to the Governor on Religious Matters, Rev. Asingbo Godspower, Governor of Bayelsa State Duoye Diri, General Overseer, The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries Pastor Lazarus Muoka, his Wife Pastor Joy Muoka, Chairman Kolokuma Opokuuma Local Government Area, Bayelsa State Mr Dengiye Ubarugu, at the two-day crusade with the theme “And’ the Enemies Submitted’ , held at the Chosen Ground, Ijesha, Lagos

By Odinaka Uruakpa

The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministries (TLCCRM), Pastor Lazarus Muoka has urged Nigerians and all humans in general, to draw closer to God, so that they can survive the perilous times confronting the world, and be eventually with God at the end of time.

Muoka who gave this charge, Sunday, during the church’s two-day international crusade tagged, ‘And The Enemies Submitted”, held at the Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos also revealed that the church has prayed against unfavourable situations, and that Nigeria would experience peace and progress.

Speaking on the significance of the programme, the G.O. reiterated that by virtue of the two-day crusade, the people’s prayer would prevail against all unfavourable situations, and the common enemy of the world, the devil will be brought to his knees.

Said he: “By the special grace of God, God almighty has blessed us to have this programme. We pray for our nation against the prevailing situations and we believe that the enemies of the country, enemies of our nation, enemies of the people will bow. We know that the cause of what is happening all over the world is the devil. And so, in this programme, we believe that the enemy will bow, and we shall have peace, we shall have progress in our nation”.

On how the church is recovering from the longtime of absence due to the lockdown which has been already lifted, the pastor said: “Well, we know that all things work together for good. Nothing works against God. And I believe that the time was for retreating and praying to God Almighty, and by the special grace of God, I believe that God allowed it at that primary time to pull out the best for the church because members of the church took the time to individually seek the face of God. As we prayed for our nation, we also prayed against the pandemic, and today, we can see that Nigeria is almost free from that pandemic.

On the double issues of the covid-19 pandemic and endSARS protest that came simultaneously, and which caused untold havoc to Nigerians, Pastor Muoka said: “Well, just as I have said, the issue is that we have prayed. We have prayed enough, and we have seen the effects of the prayers.

Relating the problems confronting the country to the crusade, the cleric urged the government and citizens of Nigeria to turn to God because he (God) has the key, and solution to all difficulties.

Said he: “The message I have for every one of them is that we are in the end time, and all the prophecies concerning the end time is here with us. The Bible said in the last days, perilious times shall come, dangerous times, and this time around, a lot of things will happen all over the world, not just particularly in Nigeria. So, what I want to let the people, Nigerians, and all men in general to know is that they should draw closer to God, and give their lives to Christ and be born again. The children of God can rely upon God, so that when the trumpet shall sound, everyone will make the rapture. Whenever will fulfil our sojourn here, we shall go back to God and be with him forever. So, my message is that everybody should turn to him, return to God, rely on him because he has the key, he has a solution for all things”.

When asked how he felt seeing his members all over the country gathered in their numbers, in the first mass gathering since the pandemic, Pastor Muoka said: “Well, all I want to say is that I give God the glory that we are here today. And God should be glorified always”.

Also in attendance at the crusade, The Governor of Bayelsa State, Duoye Diri while recounting his experiences and court cases prior to becoming the Governor of Bayelsa State, thanked the General Overseer and members of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Ministries for their prayers for him, as he asked for continued prayers for his upcoming court case.

Said Diri: “I hand my upcoming court case over to my God, and I urge all you my brothers and sisters to continue to pray for me. By the grace of God, I am expecting that it will go the way like others have gone. I am expecting that it will again have another bashing against them (opposition) from the Supreme Court.

Speaking on the reason for his attending the Chosen crusade amidst his tight schedule, the governor said that no matter how tight his schedule may be, God will always come first for him because it was God that put him in the governor’s seat.

Stated he: “There cannot be any schedule that could be tighter than God’s own schedule. For me, no matter how tight the schedule is, number one is God. We are not excellencies; there’s just one excellency. We are all fake excellencies, the only excellency is God Almighty. God has put me there divinely, and that’s the difference between me and any other governor. I am divinely put there, and if I will serve the people because the bible says, ‘When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice.’ So, my objective, my goal is for the people to rejoice.”

The governor was accompanied to the crusade by members of his cabinet including the Special Assistant on Religious Mattters, Rev, Asingbo Godspower, Chairman Kolokuma Local Government Area, Byelsa State, Mr. Dengiye Ubarugu, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Dan Alabra, among others.

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