#EndSARS: Okoroji Joins Protests, Lauds Nigerian Youths’ Action

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Tony Okoroji at the #EndSARS rally in Ikeja on Saturday

As Nigeria continues to witness what would appear to be a new self- realisation, epitomised in youth the championed positive action against brutality of the now srapped Nigeria police unuit, Special Anti-Robbery Square (SARS), the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Tony Okoroji, on Saturday, joined the fray in Lagos.

He said that he became part of the #endsars protest to show unflinching solidarity with the Nigerian youth who have woken up to the need to take the leadership of their country into their hands and chart the future of a nation of 200 million black people that clearly seems to have lost direction.

Speaking exclusively with www.beats-onit.com, Chief Okoroji who was live at the Ikeja rally on Saturday, distributing snacks to the protesting young people, said the development was a historic moment in the history of the country, adding that he was very proud of what the young people of Nigeria were doing all over the Nation’s streets.

Said he: This is a historic moment in the history of Nigeria. I am very proud of what the young people of Nigeria are doing all over the streets of our nation. I joined the protest to say it loud and clear that no great nation in human history has been built by cowards. I am very proud that our youth have come to the realisation that you cannot enjoy any omelet if you are afraid to break eggs

“For a long time, I have been the proponent of what I call ‘positive nuisance’ That is why I have demonstrated and carried placards over the years seeking change. Positive nuisance means that if the leadership is deaf and dumb, you must make noise and act to get the necessary attention and cause change because if you do not make them uncomfortable, they are not likely to do anything.

“No sane person can tell you that he or she is happy with the road Nigeria is travelling, full speed on an expressway to destruction. Suddenly human life means nothing to us. Nigerians die like insects and it does not matter. Unemployment engulfs our youth and it does not matter. Unbridled corruption takes over the land and it actually becomes our custom.

“I don’t care what anybody says. I am proud to be part of this protest. I am very proud of what our young people are doing. We cannot leave this kind of nation for our children. If other older people in Nigeria have no shame, that is their business. I am terribly embarrassed!”

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