Uranta Returns With ‘Contradictions’ 16 Years After


He announced his arrival in the world of book publishing when his first book hit the bookshelf; it was A Date with Failure: …Art Of Standing Up Again, a book he authored with just a school crrtificate.

Today, Mr. Somi Uranta a doctoral degree student of the prestigious University of Lagos (a degree, which the late Dr. Chuba Okadigbo described as end of knowledge), who is also a Motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur, is the founder of the one stop shop Somi Steam Group on Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, is back with a brand new book; a masterpiece entitled, Contradictions: Lessons From The School Of Life. And the 214-page book was released last month with the Somi type of fanfare!

Hear Somi talk on why he had to author the book after his A Date with Failure experience “After pausing to ponder through all the questions that arose from the former and attempting to proffer answers to them, eventually led to more unanswered questions, I decided to share my thoughts with regards to the paradoxes, contrariness and endless contradictions which seem to be the reality of man’s chequered mortal existence…

“For example, how does one resolve the intrinsic contradictions in the widely acceptable, yet erroneous lines that; “life is not a bed of roses, while in reality, life could actually be likened to a bed of roses, because when you see a bed of roses, looking so alluring and beautiful on the surface, just beneath the blooming and alluring surface are thorns. It is these thorns that actually give impetus to the external beauty that captivates the passersby.

“As it is with the bed of roses, so it is also with life, in that, the observable often times, are far from the reality, that the really real are hardly perceptible by the 5 physical senses of sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing, but rather through the 6th sense or mind, which is imperceptible.”

Uranta posits that, “all of life Is a school, where all our daily experiences comes either as a lesson or a blessing, depending on which comes first, we must prepare for the other, for they follow one another, like the night, the day. “

The book, CONTRADICTIONS: Lessons From The School Of Life is quite instructive and makes an interesting read, in that it arms the reader with informed guide on how to navigate better through life’s vicissitudes.

The book is published by SPW Publishing and Company and with a forward by Professor Chedozie Okoro of the department of Philosophy, University of Lagos, Akoka, currently on sabbatical at the department of Philosophy and Classics, University of Ghana, Accra.

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