Edo Decision: NCP Candidate Rejects Result…Relies On Court For Justice


Pastor Peters Omoragbon

By Odinaka Uruakpa

The Flag-bearer of National Conscience Party (NCP) in the Edo State Governorship Election, Pastor Peters Osawaru Omoragbon has rejected the outcome of the election held recently in the State.

Omoragbon who made his stand known on Tuesday in a press statement titled “Rejoice not Godwin Enogheghase Obaseki-This is but a Pyrrhic Victory” blamed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for not heeding the voice of reason, as well as obey court judgement regarding the delisting of some political parties in Nigeria.

The NCP gubernatorial candidate also blamed the Nigerian public for supporting an election that was based on illegality, falsehood and disenfranchisement of a law-abiding citizen of Edo State from contesting in the Gubernatorial election held in the state.

Said he: “It is unfortunate that majority across the globe are praising the election as free and fair and very democratic. Such sentiment as far as I am concerned begs the truth. How can you acclaim an election that witnessed the greatest monumental financial inducement of the electorates as free and fair?”

While maintaining that the election was marred by vote buying, ballot box snatching, militarisation and compromised by APC, PDP, INEC and security operatives, Omoragbon expressed dissatisfaction with the conduct of the election, as he queried the people for hailing such election in a sane society.

Omoragbon urged his teeming supporters to remain calm, as he assured them that NCP would rely on the court to obtain justice, adding that he was optimistic that the court would do the needful by nullifying the election.

He also decried the insensitivity of the ruling elites, as they further increase the hardship of the Nigerian masses with the hike in the price of petrol, electricity tariff, taxes at a time the government has refused to pay wages.

Said he: “I will love to reassure my teeming supporters all over the world and my party members in Edo state that the last is yet to be heard about the Edo State Governorship election.

“We shall continue with our legitimate pursuit of our goals and aspirations for an egalitarian society by advancing the causes of the common Nigerians on the streets who can barely afford three square meals a day, and yet the insensitivity of the ruling elites has further increased the hardship of the Nigerian masses with the increase in the price of petrol, electricity tariff, taxes when the government is refusing to pay them living wages.

“Both the PDP and APC governments and agents are not protesting these obnoxious anti-people policies except the National Conscience Party”.

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