Udegbunam Calls Pretty Okafor Entertainment Industry’s Minister Of Confusion

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Hon. John Ewelukwa Udegbunem

Frontline Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) Board member, Honourable John Ewelukwa Udegbunam has asked Nigerians and the international copyright community to discountenance what he has termed a campaign of falsehood unleashed by the controversial factional leader of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeri (PMAN), Mr. Pretty Okafor, against COSON, Nigeria’s biggest copyright organization.

He has also described the never-ending attempt by Okafor to destroy the name and integrity of COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji as deplorable, especially so soon after Chief Okoroji floored the loquacious Okafor at the Lagos State High Court in a libel case decided recently by Justice A.A. Oyebanji. Speaking to www.beats-onit.com, Udegbunam repeated his description of Pretty Okafor as “the entertainment industry’s blatant Minister of Confusion, Disinformation and Fabrication”.

Said Udegbunam: “Pretty Okafor very well knows that COSON is not proscribed, delisted or operating illegally yet he continues to trumpet and spread the falsehood everywhere. The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has in writing said that It has not delisted and is not delisting COSON which has consistently met its obligations to the commission, yet Pretty Okafor continues to spread his falsehood and confusion vigorously.

“Okafor knows that COSON is the only organization in Nigeria that is today providing succor to musicians across the country yet this Minister of Disinformation who poses as PMAN President desperately wants to kill COSON. What kind of dubious PMAN President is this? The truth is that COSON is working…one hundred percent working for the musicians of Nigeria. Anybody who visits the magnificent COSON House in Ikeja today will find that despite Okafor’s nonsense, all systems and personnel at this fantastic Nigerian organization are operating efficiently.

Speaking further to www.beats-onit.com, Hon. Udegbunam said ”It is the same way that Pretty Okafor trumpets the falsehood that he was not aware of the case in which Chief Tony Okoroji, an undisputed icon of Nigeria’s creative industry, recently got a resounding judgment against him. Most people in the music industry will recall that when the case was filed over two years ago, it was widely publicized on practically every media platform. Pretty Okafor may have forgotten that he once claimed on Facebook that he was in court for the case and neither saw Chief Okoroji nor his lawyer and boasted that Chief Okoroji would never get judgment against him. I was a witness in the matter and I know that for a while, Pretty Okafor did everything to evade service until the judge ordered that Pretty Okafor should be served by pasting.

“The judge’s order was carried out. I was in court and I saw Pretty Okafor’s lawyer in court. He announced himself for Okafor before the judge and participated in the trial and inspected all the exhibits tendered in the case. How can this Okafor man suddenly claim that he was not aware of the case that went on in an open court for more than two years? Maybe he thinks that by his behaviour, he can avoid the consequences of the judgment. I really don’t know what brand of alcohol Pretty Okafor is drinking. Chief Tony Okoroji has Pretty Okafor by a corner and I can assure you that he will not escape”.

The vastly respected Udegbunam is the immediate past National President of the powerful Music Label Owners and Recording Industries Association of Nigeria (MORAN), Nigeria’s biggest association of owners of copyright in sound recordings. From inception, he has been a member of the Management Board of COSON, Nigeria’s most respected and successful copyright collective management organization. The no-nonsense activist is a trained musicologist, composer, music teacher, producer and label owner and National Music Director of the Praise & Worship Ministry of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN).

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