Rape: Boys More VulnerableThan Girls – NAPTIP

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Dame Julie Okah-Donli, DG, NAPTIP

Young boys in Nigeria are presently more vulnerable to rape than girls, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) has revealed.

The Director General of the agency, Dame Julie Okah-Donli, disclosed this, saying it was because people tended to focus more on girls, not realising that the rape of boys was on the rise.

She said that it was really annoying the number of silly videos being shared and reposted of child pornography on the internet, promising that she would arrest anyone who shared such video or stigmatises against victims.

Okah-Donli added that she was not an advocate of capital punishments such as death penalty for rapists because it would make perpetrators more brutal, as they would not want to leave witnesses to their crimes.

The DG said this Saturday in Abuja at the flag-off of the ‘Cover me’ campaign aimed at exposing perpetrators of child abuse, advocate for stricter punishment for rapists and advocate for stronger mechanism for preventing approach.

Said she: “I do not advocate for capital punishment of death sentence because it will make rapists become brutal because they will not want to leave witnesses and it will also encourage jungle justice with people using it to accuse and kill people falsely.

“Boys are more vulnerable to rape because we tend to focus more on girls so we need to focus on all our children. Now you see a lot of silly videos with people sharing and reposting, If you send it to me I will arrest you for child pornography, anyone who stigmatises against victims will be punished. We need to make people know that we are serious.

“During the lockdown, a lot of things where revealed to us, we realised that most of the reports we got was from observant neighbors and not parents”.

Coordinator ‘Cover me’ project, Barr. Ugo Nwafor, explained that his organization had set up a one million-man online petition to implement capital punishment to stop rape, child defilement and child abuse in the country.

He said that capital punishment if implemented could curb rape, defilement and abuse by 60%.

He said that the ‘Cover me’ project would also embark upon the distribution of clothing items to children in rural areas all over the country because they believe that the constant nudity of little children in rural areas might also encourage paedophiles.

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