MCSN Fooling Musicians Over Court Of Appeal Judgment

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By Jide

Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (MCSN) whose CMO licence expired about two months ago with no renewal, is on overdrive with a scam membership drive over a recent Court of Appeal judgment in its matter with Multichoice Nigeria, operators of the DSTV platform.

MCSN which has just a handful of members with very little significant repertoire is asking musicians to register with it to share in its supposed 6 billion naira windfall from the courts.

The big question is this: Has MCSN received even one naira from Multichoice? Of course, the answer is a loud fat NO. Will Multichoice pay MCSN any money? Nobody pays anybody 6 billion naira just like that. With the contentious issues still involved in the matter, there is no question that this case is going to the Supreme Court where it will remain for years.

Any musician going to MCSN hoping to share in an imaginary 6 billion naira is living in a fool’s paradise. In any case, how much has MCSN given to anyone over these years? This is a case of the more you look, the less you see. I hate nonsense.

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